I think I am

I think I might be pregnant.  
J and I started trying for our second child the same day that we found out my job was renewed (yay insurance!). It’s too early for me to take a pregnancy test, I’ll have to wait until the end of this weekend at the earliest for that.
The reasons I think I’m pregnant are that I’m experiencing cramping like I did when I was pregnant with Henry. However, today I also noticed some spotting. I had absolutely no bleeding with Henry, so this is a bit alarming to me. Did any of you ladies experience implantation bleeding? If so, how long did it last, and what was your experience?
For those that know me IRL, this is to be kept hush-hush.


One thought on “I think I am

  1. Thinking positive thoughts. I miss Henry posts. You were the first blog I started following when I got pregnant. It has been so much fun to watch all the mamas have their babes and in many cases second babes. I hope you get yours quick and easy.

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