Potty Training 

So, we finally did it.  
We have FINALLY started to potty train Henry.
At first, he was totally resistant to it, did not want anything to do with the potty, didn’t want to sit on it, or even be near it. But, we quietly explained that we were out of diapers. It was sort of true….they were in the wash. I quickly hid any other diaper evidence to where Henry couldn’t find it, because I knew that he would go and look to make sure what I said was true.  
He got really upset when he found all of his diapers were gone. The poor kid was standing and crying gut wrenching sobs in his bedroom over it. But, because there was no diaper evidence, he allowed us to sit him on the potty.
The first two days were HARD. Even though, we kept up the story that there were no more diapers, the kid had a hard time actually peeing in the potty. He would sit on it, and sit and sit and sit, and do nothing. It got to the point that he was literally dripping because he had to go so bad, but didn’t want to. This would either lead to a mad dash to the potty, or an accident.  
He’s had a couple accidents, pee and poop related. We just clean it and him up, kiss him and tell him it’s ok, and we move on.  
But, last night, miracle of miracles, Henry grabbed my husband’s hand, and said “I need to go potty,” and dragged J down the hall to the bathroom to help him. He followed this up by asking for help two more times that night!  
Slowly and surely Henry is learning to potty train!
We’ve only had him in real underwear, or naked from the waist down. He does still get a diaper for nap time and night time, but I don’t think it will be too long until we can get rid of the nap time diaper. I have no idea how we’ll transition out the night time diaper, but we’ll figure that out when the time comes.
If you remember from before, I was complaining about how to potty train a child who is STUBBORN and wanted nothing to do with potty training. The best advice I could give to someone in my situation, is to just follow through. Don’t give up after a day, or even two, keep going. If your child isn’t showing improvement after a week or two, they might not be ready, and you’ll need to give it a break for a while before trying again.