Big Boy Bed

J and I decided to keep the queen sized mattress and to move it into Henry’s room.  Our new bed gets delivered on Saturday, and we’ll be setting up Henry’s “big boy bed” the same day.  I bought a mattress frame, a waterproof mattress pad, new sheets, and a comforter set.  It should all get delivered this week.  I’ll be sure to post some pictures when we get it all set up. 

 I have so many mixed emotions about all of this.  I’m excited that he’s old enough for a bed and can transition out of his crib.  But, it’s also really sad.  My baby is growing up and becoming a little boy, and I feel like I’m struggling to keep up with his rate of growth.

I’m also a bit concerned about how the transition from crib to bed is going to go.  I have a feeling that it’s going to be a rough first few nights, but we’ll see.  How did your child take to transitioning from crib or toddler bed to a regular bed?

2 thoughts on “Big Boy Bed

  1. Addison seems to still be transitioning 🙂 Some nights she wants to sleep at the foot of the bed and some nights she doesn’t want to get in bed at all. It’s probably more of an age thing than a bed thing, but it didn’t really start until we moved her to the bed.

    • Henry didn’t even blink when we took the side of his crib down. He really liked the fact that he could get in and out of bed on his own. But, I’m nervous about transitioning to a completely different bed. I guess we’ll see how it goes. The good news is that if he’s not doing well, at least one of us can fit in his bed with him to get him to go to sleep!

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