Potty Training

……or lack thereof….

Henry is going to turn 3 in June (omg where did the time go?) and he’s still in diapers.  Not only is he still in diapers, but he is showing no interest whatsoever in potty training.  And, by “no interest” I mean he is showing willful objections to the slightest mention in the potty.  He starts crying and yells no anytime you bring up underwear or sitting on the potty.

I’ve tried candy, iPad time, and just plain being stern, but nothing works.  This kid has sat on his training potty for 20 minutes holding it (I knew he had to go because his nap time diaper was dry) and then when I told him we’d try again later, he got up, walked a few steps and then peed all over the floor….

I’ve gained from this that he just plain isn’t ready yet.  But, because he’s almost three, he’s missing out on opportunities because he isn’t potty trained.  He can’t do the summer program at the little gym because of it, and the preschool I’m looking into, he’ll be with 2 year olds instead of the 3 year olds.  And, on top of everything else, I am just over changing diapers.

How do you potty train a stubborn child who adamantly refuses to do it?

3 thoughts on “Potty Training

  1. I haven’t done it yet but my mom swears by this old school (totally outdated and not at all politically correct in its use of terms) book called Potty Training in a Day.
    Yellow cover. I found a copy at a used book store.
    It uses methods developed and successfully used for mentally delayed adults and then adapted to toddlers.
    Like I said, my little one (while excited about the potty) isn’t ready yet so I haven’t tried it. But so far everything else she has sworn by has worked out great. So who am I to question?

  2. That sounds so hard!
    I was hoping to do the whole 3 day potty training weekend. You apparently have to do that one before they are 28 months or something. She’ll be 2 in a couple months and at school they already sit her on the potty all the time (but she doesn’t actually go peepee).
    She did the same thing Henry did the other day. Sat on the potty for 10 minutes then got up, walked 2 steps and whooosh it all came out.
    He won’t be in diapers forever. That’s the only advice I can give you. I think some kids really do just one day wake up and “get it.” I hope it’s sooner than later for you!!!

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