Selling a House

Selling a house right now sucks.  It really does.  Back in September when we put our house on the market we did everything we could to make sure that it looked awesome!  We redid our kitchen cabinets, completely gutted and redid our master bathroom (thankfully insurance paid for most of it), we did landscaping and a thousand other odd jobs around the house to get it to sell.  After all of that, I felt a huge sense of pride in what we had done to our house and I was positive that someone would come in and buy it in a few short weeks.  

We got an offer fairly quickly, but they RAN when they saw the inspection report.  Even though we fixed most of the issues…the buyers didn’t want anything to do with our house after that….

Then, we waited……and waited.  We got an offer on our house in early October, and we didn’t have anyone come to see our house again until February.  That’s when I got really irritated with my realtor and when our contract was up, we switched to another.  

Things really seem to be picking up since the switch.  We had a showing last week, and we are having two showings today.  I have to say that I feel somewhat guilty that my mom and J and hurriedly cleaning the house for these showings, while I’m basically just sitting around at work.  My schedule’s all thrown off because of assemblies and field trips, and all the kids I would normally see aren’t available for me to pull out.

I’m really hoping that these showings are going to go really well.  I want to move closer to work, and just be done with commuting.  I want to be able to not have my life in limbo anymore.  It’s so hard to make plans with people when you have to add “unless our house sells, and then we can’t do it.” 

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