Eye Doctor

Henry had his third trip to the eye doctor this morning.  I unfortunately couldn’t be there since I’ve just started a new job, and felt uncomfortable asking for the time off.  So, J and my mom took him.

Last year Henry kept his eyes closed through the entire exam, but this year he did great.  J reported that he didn’t like the drops (who does?) but that he was answering questions, and being very cooperative.  So much so, that J said that he earned a trip to Barnes and Noble to pick out a Thomas Train.  Henry already has a Thomas and Henry, so this time he picked out a Percy (Henry pronounces it “Cursey.”)

The diagnosis: we wait….another year.  Henry still has one eye that’s twice as farsighted as the other, but so far it isn’t affecting his vision.  So, we’ll keep taking him to the eye doctor once a year to make sure that he doesn’t develop lazy eye, otherwise know as Amblyopia.  

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