Band Concerts and Two Year Olds

J had his first band concert at his new school last night. I was so excited to go, and in the past, Henry has behaved like an angel during all of them.

So, we got to the concert and we sat down in our reserved seats (being the wife of a band director has some perks).


Here’s Henry patiently waiting for the concert to start.

Henry did great during the percussion ensemble piece, and most of the jazz ensemble tunes. Then….he started to get antsy. He was standing up in his seat, and then tripping because the seat would flip closed every time he stood. All during this, I was trying (and failing) and whisper sternly for him to sit on his bottom.

Then, he crawled into my lap and sat still for a while.


This was taken while waiting for the bands to switch places. It didn’t last long. He soon started shouting out, and wriggling, and just being a wiggly two year old. Then his behavior got even worse, and eventually I had to take him out in the lobby and give him a time out because he was behaving so badly.


We finally got to go back outside for the last two wind symphony pieces, and they were awesome. So proud of my hubby for putting on an awesome concert while undergoing undue amounts of stress. Now, we just have to work on Henry’s concert etiquette.


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