A lot has been going on lately.

J and I finished all of our house renovations about two weeks ago. I’m really happy how everything turned out. I think our house has a nice flow now, and it all looks clean and fresh. My favorite update is the kitchen. We replaced all of our cabinet and drawer fronts, and reprinted the cabinets themselves, and did it all for under $1200. And, it makes such a difference!


The hardware had already been pulled off, but you get an idea of the condition of the cabinets. Plus, they were slathered in flat white paint. FYI flat paint is IMPOSSIBLE to clean!


Here, we pulled all the cabinets down.



And, the finished product!

It’s sad that I don’t really get to enjoy the kitchen for that long before we move…..

But, the really good news is that we got an offer on our house within a week of it being on the market. Right now we’re in the waiting period, of inspections and all that. So, once all that’s done, we’ll hopefully be closing on October 28. Cross your fingers that everything between now and then goes smoothly!


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