What a Day

So, J and I started cleaning out the garage.  We pulled everything out so that we could sweep and use the leaf blower to get all of the dust off.

photo 1


Then, while we were going through a trunk that had been in my garage for YEARS, we found this:

yes, it's a grenade....

yes, it’s a grenade….


So, then because we didn’t know what to do, we called the police.  But, their nonemergency number apparently only works M-F, so we ended up having to call 911.

Which, caused this to happen:

photo 3

yes, that’s a fire car, and a police car blocking off our street.

photo 4

And, even more emergency vehicles show up….

And, after these guys showed up, a few more police cars came, as well as a fire truck, as well as a BOMB SQUAD!!!

My mom, Henry and I were evacuated from our house, as well as our neighbors….J stayed behind because he was curious what was going to happen, but he was removed to a safe distance.  I was curious too, but Henry needed to be taken away from a potential explosion.  The sacrifices we make for our children.

Then, after being away from the house for about two hours, we were told that it was now safe to come back.  It turns out that it was an ACTIVE grenade which freaks me out a lot, but the bomb squad disposed of it, so I don’t have to worry about it anymore.

Anyway, now our garage looks like this:

photo 5


How was your day?


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