To-Do Lists…..

ok, so things have been a little crazy around the house lately.

J just got a new job as the Band Director at another school that’s a little over an hour away from where we live.  So, he’s been trying to wrap things up at his old school and organize things at the new school at the same time, and it’s driving him a little crazy.
All while he’s dealing with that, I’ve been scrounging and sweating to get our house to be ready to sell so we can move a little closer to J’s new job.  This move will be really good for us, and we’re excited at this new chapter, but my to-do list to get the house show ready is about 17 miles long.
I literally have something to do in almost every room of our house and I’m getting overwhelmed pretty easily.  Especially, when you add in a toddler who comes in and pulls out all the books you just neatly organized, or pulls out all the toys you just put away.  I feel like for every step forward I take with the house, I take three steps backwards I have to redo everything I just did several times.  So stressed.
So, here’s my to-do list:
Entry/Dining Room:  Paint.  Clear off table and keep clear.  Organize and de-clutter front coat closet.
Living Room:  Patch ceiling where we had a leak (leaks been fixed for over a year now….), Paint all trim in living room.  Keep toys organized and hide ALL OF THEM for showings….
Kitchen:  We’re refacing our kitchen cabinets, so they’ll looks more updated and cleaner.  We’re also going to be repainting the trim in the kitchen to match the white cabinets that we’re getting.
Master Bedroom:  De-clutter J’s closet (I already did mine), keep clean and organized.
Guest Room:  Getting rid of ALL of the furniture in that room.  We’re going to buy a day bed and move our computer table into there, and that will be it.  That room is so full of furniture right now you can hardly walk in it.  We also have to buy closet doors, because we only have a curtain hanging where one should go.
Henry’s Room:  we actually don’t have to do anything to this one, which is nice.
Front yard:  weed and mulch the flower beds (they’re a little unruly right now).  Replace the outdoor carpeting on the stairs.  We also need to replace our garage door since it doesn’t work, and hasn’t since we moved in.  I’m scared of this project though, because the quotes I’ve received to fix it are pretty much my whole budget to fix up the house….
Back yard:  We weeded the back and I planted about 18 hostas, and we just need to add fresh pine straw the the upper terrace level.  We also need to spray some round-up on our patios and clean it all off.
Unruly backyard before we got to work on it.

Unruly backyard before we got to work on it.

After about 4 hours of weeding and racking, and after killing about 3 snakes.....

After about 4 hours of weeding and racking, and after killing about 3 snakes…..

So, I have a lot to do.  And, since J is constantly running back and forth between two schools and gigs, I’m having to do all of the smaller projects by myself.  Right now, I’m really hoping that we make our deadline  to have the house of the market by the middle of September…..
So much to do….it’ll be amazing if all of my hair doesn’t fall out between now and then.  

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