What a Day

So, J and I started cleaning out the garage.  We pulled everything out so that we could sweep and use the leaf blower to get all of the dust off.

photo 1


Then, while we were going through a trunk that had been in my garage for YEARS, we found this:

yes, it's a grenade....

yes, it’s a grenade….


So, then because we didn’t know what to do, we called the police.  But, their nonemergency number apparently only works M-F, so we ended up having to call 911.

Which, caused this to happen:

photo 3

yes, that’s a fire car, and a police car blocking off our street.

photo 4

And, even more emergency vehicles show up….

And, after these guys showed up, a few more police cars came, as well as a fire truck, as well as a BOMB SQUAD!!!

My mom, Henry and I were evacuated from our house, as well as our neighbors….J stayed behind because he was curious what was going to happen, but he was removed to a safe distance.  I was curious too, but Henry needed to be taken away from a potential explosion.  The sacrifices we make for our children.

Then, after being away from the house for about two hours, we were told that it was now safe to come back.  It turns out that it was an ACTIVE grenade which freaks me out a lot, but the bomb squad disposed of it, so I don’t have to worry about it anymore.

Anyway, now our garage looks like this:

photo 5


How was your day?


Getting There

I know I haven’t been writing as much, and it’s all because of getting the house ready to sell.  We’re getting more and more scratched off of our to do list, and it looks like we’ll make our goal of putting our house on the market by September 15.

Friday our cabinet doors and drawers arrived on our door step, and that was pretty exciting!
boxes 1 boxes 2
Yesterday J, my Mom and I added some curb appeal to our front yard, and I do have to say that it looks amazing!  
Here’s some before and afters:
yard 3 yard 2
J and I are on our second trip to Lowes to get more mulch and flowers.

J and I are on our second trip to Lowes to get more mulch and flowers.

yard 4Today we’re organizing our garage and making it look clean and put together.  And tomorrow we’re gonna start to prep our kitchen for the overhaul that we’re gonna start next weekend.  So, no relaxing on the labor day weekend at our house….
Things are pretty hectic right now and crazy, and I’m really looking forward to it all being done.  And then all I have to worry about is keeping it immaculate with a two year old around……sigh

Gettin’ Stuff Done

I’ve been trying to be really productive lately.

This past week I:

  • Contacted a consignment shop about selling our guest room furniture.  So, hopefully the furniture will be out in a couple weeks.  If not, we’ll be donating it to Goodwill.
  • Bought a leather chair to sit in our entry way.  Our realtor said that a seating area by the front door would look really good.  So, $40 on craigslist, and a lot of cleaning later, and the chair looks (and smells) pretty good. photo 4
  • Went to Lowes with J and we bought a whole bunch of stuff and made game plans for more.  I got some sandpaper and spray paint to fix up a rusted vent in a bathroom.  I’m just waiting for a sunny day to do that – it’s been raining for what feels like a week!  I also got spackle and tools  to patch our ceiling.  I started that project today and I’m pretty proud of the results so far.  Hopefully no one will be able to tell that there was once a leak there.  I’ll post pictures once I’m done doing all of it.
  • De-cluttered 3 book shelves and cleared off the top of our refrigerator, and our computer desk.

On top of all of that, I also have been trying to keep Henry pretty busy and try to wear him out during the day.  So, we went to our library’s story time.  Henry had a blast and he was so happy to see his friend Addison there too!  photo 1 photo 2 photo 3

Then, the next day we went to the zoo and Henry walked through almost the whole thing.  We have a zoo pass, so we go a lot, and I’ve learned to stop bringing our stroller.  I always end up pushing an empty stroller around while running after Henry. Or, I push an empty stroller around while holding Henry.  So, superfluous stroller gets left at home now.  As we were leaving the zoo, Henry turned to me and asked to be picked up.  I scooped him up and he wrapped his arms around my neck, and put his head on my shoulder and said “I’m gonna take a nap.”  It melted my heart.  Seriously, this kid is adorable in what he says and what he does.  Love this kid!

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3

To-Do Lists…..

ok, so things have been a little crazy around the house lately.

J just got a new job as the Band Director at another school that’s a little over an hour away from where we live.  So, he’s been trying to wrap things up at his old school and organize things at the new school at the same time, and it’s driving him a little crazy.
All while he’s dealing with that, I’ve been scrounging and sweating to get our house to be ready to sell so we can move a little closer to J’s new job.  This move will be really good for us, and we’re excited at this new chapter, but my to-do list to get the house show ready is about 17 miles long.
I literally have something to do in almost every room of our house and I’m getting overwhelmed pretty easily.  Especially, when you add in a toddler who comes in and pulls out all the books you just neatly organized, or pulls out all the toys you just put away.  I feel like for every step forward I take with the house, I take three steps backwards I have to redo everything I just did several times.  So stressed.
So, here’s my to-do list:
Entry/Dining Room:  Paint.  Clear off table and keep clear.  Organize and de-clutter front coat closet.
Living Room:  Patch ceiling where we had a leak (leaks been fixed for over a year now….), Paint all trim in living room.  Keep toys organized and hide ALL OF THEM for showings….
Kitchen:  We’re refacing our kitchen cabinets, so they’ll looks more updated and cleaner.  We’re also going to be repainting the trim in the kitchen to match the white cabinets that we’re getting.
Master Bedroom:  De-clutter J’s closet (I already did mine), keep clean and organized.
Guest Room:  Getting rid of ALL of the furniture in that room.  We’re going to buy a day bed and move our computer table into there, and that will be it.  That room is so full of furniture right now you can hardly walk in it.  We also have to buy closet doors, because we only have a curtain hanging where one should go.
Henry’s Room:  we actually don’t have to do anything to this one, which is nice.
Front yard:  weed and mulch the flower beds (they’re a little unruly right now).  Replace the outdoor carpeting on the stairs.  We also need to replace our garage door since it doesn’t work, and hasn’t since we moved in.  I’m scared of this project though, because the quotes I’ve received to fix it are pretty much my whole budget to fix up the house….
Back yard:  We weeded the back and I planted about 18 hostas, and we just need to add fresh pine straw the the upper terrace level.  We also need to spray some round-up on our patios and clean it all off.
Unruly backyard before we got to work on it.

Unruly backyard before we got to work on it.

After about 4 hours of weeding and racking, and after killing about 3 snakes.....

After about 4 hours of weeding and racking, and after killing about 3 snakes…..

So, I have a lot to do.  And, since J is constantly running back and forth between two schools and gigs, I’m having to do all of the smaller projects by myself.  Right now, I’m really hoping that we make our deadline  to have the house of the market by the middle of September…..
So much to do….it’ll be amazing if all of my hair doesn’t fall out between now and then.