Wow…where to begin…

On Thursday, September 26, my Mother-In-Law came into work crying.  She said that my FIL had decided without telling anyone, that he wanted to close the business and had gone to see a bankruptcy lawyer to start the paperwork.  His son and my MIL are also partial owners and they refused to sign the papers, not wanting to give up on the company.  Later that night when J and I were talking to my BIL, he was very optimistic and said that my FIL just couldn’t take the stress of it anymore and snapped.  He told us that they had worked things out and things were looking up.  He told us point blank that I did not need to start looking for another job, that he was 75% sure that they would come through this.
Fast forward to Tuesday.  My MIL walked into work crying again and said that it was over.  That they (FIL, MIL and BIL) had all met with a bankruptcy attorney and signed papers to close the company.  I got 24 hours notice before the rest of the employees.  I’m now out of a job, as well as about 44 other people.  My In-Laws have the potential to lose everything – including their home.
As much as I hated working there, I never wanted this to happen.  Things are definitely scary for my family right now (In-Laws included).  I have to say that I’m beyond upset that no one could tell me honestly that this was happening or even that it had the potential to happen.  I’m devastated hat all 40+ employees were not given any notice that they were going to be out of a job.  I realize that this happened quickly, but they had to have known that the company was in decline for quite a while and that things were bleak – but no one mentioned a single word until it was over.
I’ve filed for unemployment.  I have 20 weeks before that ends.  I’ll get $137 a week from it….I can barely pay my power bill with that.  I’m definitely scared, frustrated and worried for my family.  I’m worried that if I can’t find another job soon that I’m not going to be able to pay all my bills, and I have no idea how we’ll manage if things come to that.  I’ve taken Henry out of daycare  – obviously since I’m home all day now.  J and I have stopped buying booze (at a time where it could REALLY come in handy too!), and are cutting all frills out of our life.  Things are looking rough financially for us and it scares the crap out of me.  I’ve been applying to as many jobs and I can find.  I have friends and family calling in good words and recommendations for me, and I’m hopeful that I’ll have another job soon.
As scared and frightened as I am, a large part of me wants to look at this as an opportunity for something good to come of it.  That because I’m no longer in that dead end job, I have an opportunity to find something that I’ll love, where I can go to work happy and feel like I’m making a difference.  So, half of me is scared shitless and the other half thinks “hey!  this might not be that bad at all!”
There is one sure bright side in all of this.  I get to stay home and spend some wonderful quality time with my baby!

3 thoughts on “Unemployment

  1. oh goodness that is terrifying and so stressful!! I hope this will be the start of a wonderful new career, and so glad you get extra time with Henry. may you find the perfect job soon!!!

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