Freezer Stash

My freezer stash is dwindling quickly. At one time, the whole bottom drawer of my freezer was full. And, I mean, FULL.


I have about a handful of bags left (that picture was taken a couple weeks ago) and one of those is going to remain in there for when Henry spends the night without me.

This stash has gone so quickly. I knew that it would, it’s just shocking. I spent so long making that stash, and now I have a near empty freezer. Henry started using the frozen milk on July 22nd – so in 10 weeks Henry has gone through the majority of it. That’s around 200 ounces of milk that I had pumped that has now been given to Henry.

I wonder how he’ll handle not having any while at daycare anymore when it’s totally gone? I wonder how I’m going to handle that.


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