Playing Catch Up

I know I’ve been silent for a while, things have been kinda jumbled lately.

Things with Henry are going great.  He’s still in physical therapy and I had a report from daycare last week that Henry was standing by himself and he took one small step backwards without holding onto anything!  Then, apparently he realized what he did and plopped his butt on the floor.  It’s so interesting/funny to watch him stand.  He does it so much better when he isn’t thinking about it.  Like he’ll be holding something and looking at it, and all of a sudden won’t be learning on the coffee table for support anymore.
And then, on Friday 9/13, we got a report from his physical therapist that Henry took 3 unassisted steps!  So, when I read that I was overjoyed and just a titch sad that I had missed it…But then Henry and I went to go and see J at work before the football game and Henry was taking steps all over the place!
Things with J and I are going pretty well.  He’s completely stressed and swamped with work, but so far we’ve been really great about capturing the time that we need with each other when we’re together.  I hate seeing him so stressed, and everyday I swear I see 20 more gray hairs in his beard (he swears that these don’t exist, but they’re totally there), but I’ve been trying to do all I can to make sure things at home go as smoothly as they can go.  I’ve been doing pretty well about having dinner on the table for Henry and I when J isn’t home and that he has a plate ready and waiting when he does get home.   And then add in trying to keep the house somewhat clean (ok, maybe not clean, but definitely no worse than it already was), and you know, taking care of the baby all at the same time.  It’s definitely stressful at times, like the other night when Henry would scream anytime that I set him down on the floor making it almost impossible for me to cook dinner, and by the time I had grilled cheese and soup put together he was too upset to eat, and I was a stressed out mess.  But, luckily things like that usually only happen once a week and not every night.
We have some major issues going on with J’s and my family, and while I can’t go into detail about everything that’s happening just know that it’s stressful and all good thoughts and wishes are totally welcome!
On top of everything else I’m sick….and have been for several days now.  It started out as what I can only assume was pink eye – my doctor never confirmed this, but I was oozing green out of both eyes and they were as red as could be.  The drops they gave me really helped with that, and that cleared up in 2 days.  THEN, I started coughing and being congested with a low grade fever, and I just generally feel like crap, not to mention that my voice is almost completely gone.  I’m just ready to start feeling better.
That’s been about my last two weeks.

4 thoughts on “Playing Catch Up

  1. My goodness mama, you’ve got your hands full. I totally empathize though with being home alone for dinner each night with the little one. It’s a REAL challenge getting everything done on schedule and completely when inside it can feel like you are getting pulled in a hundred different directions! Keep up the great work! Sending good thoughts your way 🙂

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