Good Day

Even though Henry’s been sick, we were still able to smile often and have a great day.



Freezer Stash

My freezer stash is dwindling quickly. At one time, the whole bottom drawer of my freezer was full. And, I mean, FULL.


I have about a handful of bags left (that picture was taken a couple weeks ago) and one of those is going to remain in there for when Henry spends the night without me.

This stash has gone so quickly. I knew that it would, it’s just shocking. I spent so long making that stash, and now I have a near empty freezer. Henry started using the frozen milk on July 22nd – so in 10 weeks Henry has gone through the majority of it. That’s around 200 ounces of milk that I had pumped that has now been given to Henry.

I wonder how he’ll handle not having any while at daycare anymore when it’s totally gone? I wonder how I’m going to handle that.

Month 15

Dear Henry,

You’re now officially 15 months old!!  OMG….I have a 15 month old.  Kid, you are seriously growing up way too fast, this time is just flying by and the more I try to hang on to it the faster it seems to go.  You have changed a lot in the past month – with two big developments.

Development #1:  YOUR WALKING!! Or, more specifically toddling – which I guess makes you officially a toddler now – it’s hard to say when someone actually reaches that mark.  Your first steps occurred on September 13.  Your Physical Therapist said that you took 3 independent steps for her, and later that night you did that several times for your Dad and I.  I can’t describe how happy I was when I saw you do it.  I believe I had tears of happiness in my eyes, and I was smiling from ear to ear that whole evening.  You’re wobbly and you hold your arms out like a zombie when you walk (which is adorable), but you’re doing it!  Right now you still need something to pull up on to stand up, and for the most part you’re still cruising to get around walking wise.  But, you’re starting to take a few steps here and there more and more.  You’re slowly getting more confident with it, and you obviously see how happy it makes everyone when you do it because we shout “Yay” and smile really big when you take a few steps towards us.  I’m so proud of you.  I know that you’ve worked really hard to get to this point, and your hard work has paid off!  We’re still continuing with your therapy for now.  We need to get you to be able to stand up without pulling up and taking more and more steps.  I have no doubt that you’re going to be doing all of that in no time!


Development #2: You are talking and communicating more and more!  You are becoming one verbal little boy!

Words you can say now:
-All done (aw da)
-Bye Bye (Ba By)
-Flower (low-la)
-Apple (A -pul)
-Ali (Allah)
-Cat (Tats)
-Dog (D-gu)
-Up (Up-ah)
-Down (Dow)
-Milk (Ma)
-Ball (Baw)
-Uh oh
-Oh no
-Hot (ought)
-Pat (pa)
-Roll It – as in patty cake (wroe)
-Night Night (nigh nigh)
-Water (wa)
-Book (Ba)
…I’m probably forgetting some, as I mentioned, your vocabulary is GROWING
You’re also starting to make animal noises:
Cow – mmmmmm
Sheep – ba – this one is hit or miss – you were doing it and now you’ve seem to forgotten how
Three singing pigs – la-la-la (from a book we read)
Cats – mmmmaaaa
Dogs- ruff ruff ruff
Signs that you know:
-All done
-Please (you’re saying “La la” when you sign for please, not sure how that association happened, but it’s cute as hell)
-Friends (your teacher at daycare taught you this one.  you can’t join your fingers together, but you make the motion with your wrists and it gets your point across)
-Water (this is used for all liquids, so basically you use this to say that you’re thirsty)
You're signing for "more."  It's not the actual sign, but you get your point across.

You’re signing for “more.” It’s not the actual sign, but you get your point across.

This past month you’ve also started to become a more picky eater – which is frustrating, but at the same time 15 months is the first time we’ve had to deal with it, so it could be worse.  You still love to feed yourself, but you’ve figured out that you have some control over what you eat and will assert your willful nature when it suites you.  Lately, it’s become a battle to try and get you to eat any vegetables – green ones in particular.  We’ve given you green beans and asparagus this past week and you just sat there and shook your head at us when we picked one up and offered it to you.  You’ll eat protein and dairy just fine.  Fruits are still hit or miss, but are becoming more hit than miss.  For the most part your Dad and I don’t like to feed you “kid” food.  I’d rather you eat what we eat so that becomes routine, because kiddo – you are not allowed to be one of those kids who will only eat chicken tenders and french fries.  I refuse to let that happen.  This is only ever an issue when we go out to eat.  Kids menus are just horrid usually – everything’s fried and there isn’t a fruit or vegetable in sight.  So, the other day when we went out to lunch you ate honey glazed salmon and ignored the green beans on your plate completely…sigh – but at least you ate some salmon.



We’re still breastfeeding twice a day.  You’ve been wanting to take a longer time in the morning, either to help yourself wake up and/or because you just enjoy it.   But, the 20 minutes I have scheduled to nurse you in the morning during the week is usually not long enough for you.  On the weekends you’ll nurse for an hour right when you wake up, and usually I’m fine with that.  We’ll bring you in bed with us and I’ll nurse you and we’ll all snooze for an hour.  It’s not only great cuddle time for all 3 of us, but it also allows your Dad and I to sleep a little while longer.  The night time nursing sessions are beginning to shorten.  You used to nurse for an hour here too, but now you’ve been falling asleep way before that.  Now it’s been only taking about 40 minutes total (20 minutes per side).  I really do love that you’re still nursing.  Not only is it super healthy for you, but the emotional bond it’s created between you and me is just awesome.  When you’re upset and you start nursing I can see your body visibly relax – it’s incredible.  I’ve been starting to get some unwanted feedback from your Dad’s side of the family about the fact that you’re still nursing.  Apparently they think you’re too old for this.  Whatever.  They can get over it.  As long as you want to do it, and I am able to, we’ll continue.  I see no reason to stop anytime soon.


You still love to read.  You’ll hand us books to read to you and you’ll turn the pages as we read to you, and then you’ll take the book and flip through it by yourself.  Then you’ll either hand it back or get a new one for us to read.  “Moo Baa LaLaLa” remains your favorite.  You start to get irritated now because I think you know what’s coming next and apparently I read it too slowly, so you’ll get mad and frustrated until I land on the page that you’re wanting me to read.  It’s kinda cute.  You’ll make the animal noises that you know as I read it, it’s awesome how invested you are in reading right now.  Hopefully we’ll be able to keep this up for a LONG time.




You are starting to get frustrated a lot easier.  I try to be really patient with you.  I know that right now your frustration is mainly stemming from the fact that you’re having trouble communicating what it is you want.  Or, that I know exactly what it is that you want but won’t let you have it – like when you try to play with outlets or cords.  We’re also starting to have an issue with biting and hitting.  I don’t think you realize that when you do that it hurts, and we’ve been trying to communicate that to you, but it hasn’t been very successful yet.  One thing that you do that I absolutely hate is that you’ll put your index finger in one of my nostrils and your thumb in the other and you’ll scrap down with your nails.  I think I have scabs on the inside of my nose.  It doesn’t sound like this would be a quick maneuver, but it happens in the blink of an eye and it always makes me squeal in pain – which makes you laugh….sigh.  I’m going to be really thankful when you’re done doing that.  That shit HURTS!   And as soon as you’ve done it, you look at me and say “no no.”  So, you know you aren’t supposed to do it, but you do it anyway because you think it’s funny.  You also like to test limits.  If we tell that you can’t touch something, like your night light in your room, you’ll crawl over to it and then look at us.  Then you’ll touch it with one finger, and then look at us, and register that we’re telling you “no.”  Then you’ll put your whole hand on it, and we’re still telling you “no.” Next, you’ll pull it from the wall and look at us, again we’re telling you “no.”  Then you try to put it back in the outlet, but you have trouble with that, and then you start to see if you can put your finger in the outlet instead, and that’s when we get up to wrangle you, and you get so mad at us.  I know that it must be hard to understand what you can do, and what you can’t.  Especially when you can’t understand why you can’t do something.  So, we try to be patient with you, and try to let you explore as much as you can before we have to take it away or remove you from the situation.



You climbed up on that while my back was turned while I was cooking dinner.  You scared the crap out of me.

You climbed up on that while my back was turned while I was cooking dinner. You scared the crap out of me.

Your sleep has been interesting lately.  You’ve been waking up earlier than usual.  This morning you were up at 5:50, usually I have to go in to wake you up on the morning and that’s at 6:30.  You’ve also started to cry when I put you down for the night.  You’ll be completely asleep latched on to me, and I’ll break the latch and carry you over to the crib, and lay you down with your blanket and you’ll start to cry as soon as you touch the mattress.  It doesn’t last for longer than 30 seconds usually, but you’re still crying, and I’m sorry for that.  I wish I could hold you all night, but you take up too much space in our bed (yes, at 15 months you can take up at least half the bed…) and as soon as you’re in bed with us you tend to wake up and want to play, so we had to stop co-sleeping all together, which was good and sad at the same time.  Your naps have also started to lengthen lately.  You’re sleeping close to 3 hours some days, which is great, don’t get me wrong, it’s just an all of a sudden type of thing.  I’m guessing that you’re growing and that’s been causing all of the wackiness with your sleep.

You’re growing so much and doing so much and just transforming into a little boy more and more every day.  I’m astounded by you.  You’re awesome and wonderful and I’m completely in love with you.  You have changed my life so much, and I couldn’t imagine a single day where you’re not with me.  I love you baby!  I always will.


Keep Growing!

Playing Catch Up

I know I’ve been silent for a while, things have been kinda jumbled lately.

Things with Henry are going great.  He’s still in physical therapy and I had a report from daycare last week that Henry was standing by himself and he took one small step backwards without holding onto anything!  Then, apparently he realized what he did and plopped his butt on the floor.  It’s so interesting/funny to watch him stand.  He does it so much better when he isn’t thinking about it.  Like he’ll be holding something and looking at it, and all of a sudden won’t be learning on the coffee table for support anymore.
And then, on Friday 9/13, we got a report from his physical therapist that Henry took 3 unassisted steps!  So, when I read that I was overjoyed and just a titch sad that I had missed it…But then Henry and I went to go and see J at work before the football game and Henry was taking steps all over the place!
Things with J and I are going pretty well.  He’s completely stressed and swamped with work, but so far we’ve been really great about capturing the time that we need with each other when we’re together.  I hate seeing him so stressed, and everyday I swear I see 20 more gray hairs in his beard (he swears that these don’t exist, but they’re totally there), but I’ve been trying to do all I can to make sure things at home go as smoothly as they can go.  I’ve been doing pretty well about having dinner on the table for Henry and I when J isn’t home and that he has a plate ready and waiting when he does get home.   And then add in trying to keep the house somewhat clean (ok, maybe not clean, but definitely no worse than it already was), and you know, taking care of the baby all at the same time.  It’s definitely stressful at times, like the other night when Henry would scream anytime that I set him down on the floor making it almost impossible for me to cook dinner, and by the time I had grilled cheese and soup put together he was too upset to eat, and I was a stressed out mess.  But, luckily things like that usually only happen once a week and not every night.
We have some major issues going on with J’s and my family, and while I can’t go into detail about everything that’s happening just know that it’s stressful and all good thoughts and wishes are totally welcome!
On top of everything else I’m sick….and have been for several days now.  It started out as what I can only assume was pink eye – my doctor never confirmed this, but I was oozing green out of both eyes and they were as red as could be.  The drops they gave me really helped with that, and that cleared up in 2 days.  THEN, I started coughing and being congested with a low grade fever, and I just generally feel like crap, not to mention that my voice is almost completely gone.  I’m just ready to start feeling better.
That’s been about my last two weeks.