Car Seats

We originally bought a Graco “Signature Series Trekko” car seat/ stroller/ travel system thing for Henry. Henry still makes the weight requirement to use this car seat. It holds up to 35 lbs, but he’s growing pretty tall and isn’t fitting that well length wise in it anymore. So, that meant that J and I had to start shopping for a new car seat. Joy of joys….

For this next stage I wanted something that could still be rear facing. Rear facing just seems way safer to me and it makes me more comfortable too. It also needs to be able to switch to forward facing when Henry is either big enough for us to turn it around, or he hits two years old – which ever comes first. I also wanted it to have a high safety rating, but I think that goes without saying. Last but not least, we needed it to not break the bank, as we’ll be needing two of them – one for J’s car, one for mine.

Several people have mentioned to us to just buy one and switch it from car to car as need be. Well, that’s just not practical for us. J and I trade on who drops and picks Henry up from daycare, and I can’t spend 30 minutes unhooking a car seat, and then lugging the behemoth inside (they weight like 40+ lbs). Plus, I’ve heard from seasoned pros that putting them in the car doesn’t really get easier with time and they’ve spent 30+ minutes taking it out and putting it in the car, and we just don’t have that kind of time. So, two it is.

We started off by looking on the internet, but quickly realized that we’d need to go and see them in person to be able to make any kind of decision. So, on Saturday, we took Henry down to Babies ‘R Us, and we picked the salesmen’s brain about car seats for over an hour. We ended up not making a decision in the store, but instead went home to mull over our options.

We were now faced with the question of how long term do we want to use these new car seats? Several of the cheaper options only go until 55 lbs, and as with what happened this time, will probably happen next time. That Henry will meet the height requirement before he ever gets nears the weight requirement. So, instead of dropping a bunch of money now, to only have to drop more money in a year or two we decided to go with something that will hold him for longer. There are several options that would hold a 70 lb child, but with the added weight, comes the added $$.

I mentioned before that I wanted it to be safe, and the salesman told us point blank that Britax makes the safest car seats. He said that all car seats meet the minimum safety requirements, but Britax goes above and beyond, and it’s the only car seat that’s side impact tested and rated. Britax is the only one that uses a steel frame, and it is designed differently than all the other car seats out there – I don’t really remember how it’s designed differently, I just remember that it is. So, immediately, I was turned on to a Britax car seat.

The exact car seat model that I liked was the Britax Marathon 70-G3. It holds up to 70 lbs, and the top extends as Henry gets taller. It has the Britax safety ratings and feels extremely sturdy and comfortable. However, Britax also makes some of the most expensive car seats out there….they are NOT cheap or even budget friendly. Babies ‘R Us list price for the Britax Marathon 70-G3 Convertible car seat is $259.99….for one. I don’t know about you, but when I saw that price I almost threw up a little bit.

J and I couldn’t agree in the store on what we wanted to do. He was ok with buying a lesser model and presumably just as safe car seat, but the salesman’s spiel had done it’s job, and I wanted a Britax to put my baby in. So, instead of arguing at the store we went home empty handed so we could mull it over more and make a decision.

Once at home, I got online and started looking for Britax Marathon 70-G3 Convertible Car Seats. I ended up finding two that had been opened in the box, but had never been used. So, that immediately dropped the price down by $75. So, we bought those two. All totaled, we spent $375.98 on two Britax Marathon 70-G3 car seats. I’m still cringing inside as I look at that price tag, but this car seat should hold Henry until all he needs is a small booster seat, plus I’ll be able to relax every time I strap him into it and not have to worry that it’s not safe.

I guess an added bonus would be if we ever have a baby #2, that we can use this car seat for them too. This whole thing stressed me out and it still makes me upset about how much money we spent. But, safety comes first, and my bank account will recover….eventually.


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