“Moo Baa La La La”

Last night I was sitting in the rocking chair in Henry’s room, and Henry was playing on the floor with J.  At one point, Henry grabbed a book (“Moo Baa La La La”) and crawled over to me.  He stood up in front of the chair and holding onto the book, said “up!”  So, I lifted him up and plopped him on my lap and we proceeded to read “Moo Baa La La La,”  (I make all the animal noises) and Henry was smiling and vigorously turning the pages when it was time too. When the book was done, I got hugs and snuggles!!

The whole thing melted my heart.  Not only does my son show an early interest in reading, but he sought out ME to read it to him!!  You can’t imagine how happy that made me.  I haven’t quite been his favorite person lately, as I mentioned before, he’s been preferring his father.  So, when he came to me to snuggle and read, it made me so happy!  
I cherish moments like that.  Moments where I know that I’m wanted and loved, not just needed.  Especially after the blatant favoritism that he’s been exhibiting recently.  This was a boost to the ego that I drastically needed.  I keep thinking about it and how It was such a nice moment, actually, it’s beyond nice.  It’s amazing and wonderful.  I live for moments like that.

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