Round ‘N Round We Go

Look at how I picked my son up from daycare yesterday!  And guess what?  I didn’t receive a single phone call!!

20130807-095510.jpg 20130807-095533.jpg 20130807-095522.jpg


Henry had a rash all over his legs last night.  Actually, I’m not sure it was a rash, bug bits, an allergic reaction or the beginnings of chicken pox (this one’s less likely since he’s been vaccinated).  But, the main point is that I couldn’t make a doctor appointment for that evening because I didn’t know about it in time, and I didn’t want to spend $100 to go to urgent care for them to tell me to give him benedryl.  So, instead I gave him benedryl and smeared caladryl lotion on his legs, and the redness and swelling went way down. but his legs are still bumpy today.

I know I said that last week that I was done, and I meant it.  I started contacting other daycares looking into pricing and their facilities, the education level of their teachers etc.  I’ve been to see 3 other ones so far, and I’ve found one that measures up.  It also is the most expensive of all of them.  Right now we’re paying $140 a week, if we switch it will cost us $172 a week.  That’s about $130 difference a month, which is huge for us.  We’re trying to figure out if we can afford that, and if we can, it’ll be tight for us.  This makes me wish more than ever that I could afford to stay home with Henry….sigh…

In the meantime, J and I are going in together to talk to his teachers and the management at his current daycare.  I’ve written down everything that’s happened negatively there since Henry’s been there and the dates that they happened.  Even though we’ve had brief talks about each incident separately, I really don’t think I can look at them as separate occurrences any more.  It’s all setting a pattern of behavior and showing a lack of care, observation and thought.

I’m hoping that we can resolve this and won’t have to move Henry, but I’m thinking that it’s less and less likely.

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