The Weaning Process

It’s been two days. Two days since Henry has asked to nurse during the day. He didn’t ask at all on Sunday – I was shocked because I was with him all day, but I went with it. I nursed him in the morning when he woke up and right before he went down for the night. Yesterday, he signed milk to me when I picked him up at daycare. I told him that we’d sit down and nurse as soon as we got home. It doesn’t bother me to nurse in public, but if we stay, then his teacher has to stay and Henry’s usually the last one there, so I figured we’d head out and could take our time with it at home. As soon as we got home, Henry was all about Dad, and then he was all about emptying the spices from our hoosier cabinet in the kitchen. And, either he forgot about it, or didn’t want it anymore, but he didn’t ask again when we got home….sniffle.

I was definitely engorged by the time Henry was nursing before bed, and I’m still pretty full right now. You wouldn’t really think that cutting down one nursing session would be that big of a deal, but holy cow!

I’m not sure what to think or feel. Part of me is happy that the weaning processing is going much smoother than expected. The other part of me is feeling really sad that that he’s slowly stopping his afternoon nursing session on his own. I think when he does nurse in the afternoons it’s more for the social and emotional aspect of it and not the nutritional – which is perfectly fine with me. He wants the comfort that nursing provides as well as being able to reconnect with me after being separated all day. And, honestly I need that time with him too for the same reasons. I could be wrong, he might ask to nurse as soon as we get home tonight, but I really think that he’s starting to let go of it.

While weaning has been going easier than I expected, some aspects of it are still difficult. Henry doesn’t seem to be a big fan of cow’s milk. We give him whole organic milk and he’ll push the sippy cup away every time you put it in front of him. Sometimes he’s even thrown it. I have found that if I cuddle him and act like we’re nursing while he’s drinking from the sippy cup he’ll actually swallow some of it, but I don’t think he’s a big fan, and I’m not sure how to get him to drink it. As far as what he will drink – water, this kid seriously loves water, it’s really amazing how much he loves water. He’s not a big fan of juice, but he does like those packets of organic fruit purees – he’ll suck those up in just a few minutes. But, it doesn’t matter what temperature the cow’s milk is, what time it’s given or how, he doesn’t like it and doesn’t want it – most of the time. We can probably get him to drink about 1/4 of a cup in a day, and I’m not sure what, if anything, I’m supposed to do about it.


4 thoughts on “The Weaning Process

    • I haven’t. But, I can’t get him to drink breast milk from a sippy cup. It’s like why drink it from a bottle when I can have it right off the tap?

      • Lol. Maybe skippy cups are like bottles. Not “one size fits all” gotta try different types, shapes, speeds, styles?
        You said he’d drink water though…. Hmm. Against using a bottle for it? Or will he not drink it from that either?

  1. I’d rather not give him a bottle if I don’t have to. He hasn’t had one since he was around 11 months old, and I’d really rather not move backwards.
    We’ve have 3 different types/styles of sippy cups and it doesn’t seem to phase him at all which one he uses. He’ll suck water down from all of them easy peasy. Milk, or juice, not so much. I think it’s more a flavor/texture thing for him rather than the vessel.

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