I had a lot of fun with Henry this weekend – I do every weekend, I guess that goes without saying.  However, on Sunday, I made a fort in our living room with couch cushions, and then used other cushions to make an obstacle course for Henry!  That kept us occupied for hours!  I’d crawl though the fort, and Henry would be laughing and following me.  We played peekaboo in the fort, and Henry would pull up on it and cruise around it.  I’d pick him up and gently drop him on the cushions and he’d roll off and sit up, laugh and we’d do it again.  We had a really great time tearing apart my living room and creating a huge mess, but it was all totally worth it to hear him laughing so much!

And, an added bonus of it was that it was great for Henry’s physical therapy!!  Crawling over things, scooting around, rolling off and on, climbing, it’s all strengthening Henry’s muscles and making him work more than he’s used to.  So, hooray for creative solutions!

I can’t express how much fun it was!  I’m totally going to keep doing this.  Maybe adding more pillows and throwing in some blankets.  Eventually, we can have recreate Pillowtown and Blanketsburg – but we’re going to need more people and a lot more pillows and blankets.


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