First Hair Cut

This afternoon J and I took Henry for his first hair cut. I was originally going to take him to a nearby salon that I’ve been to before, but I found out right before we left that they were already closed for the day. So, to Great Clips we went. I am usually not a fan of Great Clips, I had a horrible hair cut there once and decided never to go back, but J talked me into it.


Henry wasn’t a fan of the chair, or the cape, and was reaching for J and saying “up” the whole time. But, eventually he calmed down a bit.






All in all, I think that they did a great job.  Henry doesn’t have THAT much hair, but it’s was getting pretty long around his ears and his neck.  And, being that we live in the south, I wanted to avoid the whole mullet look.  Just because I live in NC doesn’t mean that we have to look like it.  She just trimmed his ears, neck and bangs.  I think he looks adorable,  but I also thought that before he had his hair cut.





Here we are in the yard after we got back.  I love this little guy!



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