For Henry’s first Hanukkah, J and I bought him Scout.  I think that this is a really awesome toy, and Henry loves it.  You can plug it up to the computer and upload favorite songs and games on it, and you can change them frequently so that your kiddo doesn’t get bored.  What’s more is that Scout can be programmed to say your kid’s name, as well as, their favorite color, food and animal.  There are some quirks to this though.  Everything that you program into it comes out as a question.  For instance, when Scout says “I love you Henry,” it comes out as “I love you…Henry?”  But, I can overlook that because Henry seriously lights up when he hears Scout say his name.

Another feature of Scout is that his left foot has a button that you can press for “bedtime music.”  It can play 2, 5 or 10 minutes of bedtime (lullaby) music.  Since we got this for Henry we’ve been putting it in his crib and we play 10 minutes of bedtime music as soon as he goes down for bed and naps.  We’ve been doing this now for 8 months.  For the first 6 months that we had Scout we’d randomly wake up to hear Scout talking to Henry – singing songs, telling him that he loves him, playing games or even the bedtime music being turned on.  It was always a random event, and was just Henry reaching out and touching different parts of Scout.

Well, I’d say within the past month, something has changed.  J and I now hear that Henry ONLY turns on the bedtime music.  We’ll wake up at different times of the night and hear the bedtime music coming on.  We’ve heard it come on at 10 pm, and we’ve heard it come on at 6 am, and anytime in between.  We’ve been trying to decide if Henry is doing this on purpose of not.  As in, he wakes up at night and is having trouble falling back asleep and instead of crying, he reaches out and touches Scout’s paw to turn on the bedtime music.  As his mom, of course I immediately think that this falls into the genius category.  But, I also know that it could be just a random happenstance or that it’s muscle memory.  But, the mommy in me wants to believe it’s pure genius, so I think I’ll go with that for now.

Anyway, Scout is awesome, and if you don’t have one for your little one, GET ONE!  Henry can fall asleep anywhere now, as long as he has his blanket and Scout to soothe him to sleep and be familiar with.

Watching Top Chef with Dad while I catch up on some much needed sleep

Watching Top Chef with Dad while I catch up on some much needed sleep

Getting ready for his first day of daycare

Getting ready for his first day of daycare

nap time

nap time


4 thoughts on “Scout

  1. lololol on the “bc I am a mom I think my kid is a genius” (i will feel this way too) well he might really have learned to hit the music button to get rewarded with music. I think its not random.

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