Daycare Troubles

I’ve had enough.

I’ve mentioned before that I wasn’t happy with Henry’s daycare.  Well, now that he’s back after his summer break, my opinion hasn’t changed.  Let me tell you about what happened yesterday.

I dropped Henry off in the morning.  As I was putting his things away – milk and lunch in the fridge, diaper bag in the cubby, wet bag hanging by the diaper station, the administrator came in to tell me that Henry’s teacher was out that day and that I needed to take Henry to the infant room.  So, I took him down to the infant room and dropped off a crying and unhappy baby (breaks my heart every time).  I didn’t think too much of Henry being watched by someone else, because it’s happened before.

When I picked him up he seemed happy.  He was crawling and babbling.  The woman in his room said that his bottom was a little red.  I said ok, and grabbed his sheet and his stuff and we headed home.  Once home I looked at his sheet a little more closely.  I noticed that he only had 1 nap and that it’s duration was only 5 minutes.  That sent my blood boiling.  I know that sometimes children just refuse to nap, and Henry’s no different, but it still irks me every time I see that because Henry turns into a little monster during dinner. He gets too tired to eat and too tired to sit contentedly in his high chair while J and I eat.  So, he cries and shrieks and screams, and generally just makes it impossible for us to talk and/or eat dinner.  And that’s exactly what happened last night.

After I was done putting Henry to bed, I was rinsing out his diapers and noticed that there were only 3 in the wet bag (we send 6 diapers everyday).  His diaper was only changed 3 times in a 10 hour period.  And, what’s more, is that they were all poop diapers!  Meaning that my son was sitting in shit ALL DAMN DAY!!  No fucking wonder his bottom was red!  But, wait, there’s more!!  On Henry’s daily sheet, it showed that they’d changed his diaper 6 times!  But, I only had 3 diapers in the wet bag.  So, either they put him in disposables, which they didn’t have permission to do, or they lied (just to be clear – they didn’t have permission to lie either).  I was livid last night.  I still am.  I snooped this morning when I dropped him off and found the 3 missing diapers from yesterday that never made it home last night (they were all clean and under the diaper changing station).

What’s even more, is that they didn’t give Henry the breast milk that was in the fridge that he’s supposed to have after his nap.
I went in this morning amped up to talk to them about and try and clear it up, but they must have seen me coming because there was not a single administrator to be found.  I had no one to complain about it to, or even inform them that it happened.
I am done with this daycare.  They suck at communication.  They have no protocol for when teachers are out.  Any routine that a child is used to goes out the window when this happens – which is why I think Henry refused to nap.  I’m tired of the substandard care that my son is receiving because people are too lazy to pick up a phone or to write routines down.
I was on the phone all morning looking for different daycares to interview and look into.  I’m touring one tonight and one tomorrow and hopefully one of those will work out.  They’re slightly more expensive than what we’re paying now, but I’ll gladly pay more if it means my son is receiving optimal care.

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