Month 13

Dear Henry –

I wasn’t sure if I was going to keep writing these letters to you once you passed the first year, but I decided to keep writing them.  There’s too much going on in your development and life for me to stop.  I would feel remiss if I didn’t keep an accurate record for you to one day read.  I’ve been thinking about when I’ll give these letters to you, and I haven’t quite decided, but I’m thinking that I’ll save all of them until you have children of your own.  I think that will be a nice surprise for you, and that they’ll mean more to you during that stage of your life.

At 13 months you’re just going, going, going.  You’re crawling all over the place, and actually crawling too!  The army crawl that you were doing is happening less and less, and you’re spending more and more time up on your hands and knees.  You’re getting pretty fast too, and you’re also getting into everything!  We have baby gates set up in our house to help wrangle you.  We have one blocking off the kitchen because you LOVE playing in the dog water bowl.  You’ll splash your hand in it, drink from it and eventually up end of the whole thing – so naturally that became off limits to you.  We also blocked off the hallway to the back of the house because we have book shelves in it and you were starting to pull everything off of the shelves on all of the lower levels and trying to pull up on them, which made us nervous.  With all of that blocked off you now only have free range of the living room, dining room and entry way.  And, for now, you seem to be content with that.

Hanging with Dad at the Zoo

Hanging with Dad at the Zoo

Over the past 6 weeks you have become quite the daddy’s boy.  You want your Dad to hold you, and to be in the room with you, to pay attention to you.  And, I am apparently not a good enough substitute for your father…sigh…There have been quite a few times where your Dad has handed you over to me, and you scream and squirm and cry and reach out for your Dad.  You are quite the self esteem builder my little man.  I know that you still love me, you’ve just been really enjoying your time with your Dad.  While he’s been on summer break for the past 6 weeks, you’ve been home with him.  I know that you’ve enjoyed your time off with him, and he has too.  Today was your first day back at daycare and you weren’t so happy to be dropped off, and you’re Dad looked miserable as we were walking out to our cars together.  He has so enjoyed this time with you, and his love for your is so apparent. I know that I will miss our daily Factimes and all of the pictures that I was sent during the day.

Napping with your Dad

Napping with your Dad

You’re now pulling up and cruising!  You make loops around the living room by hanging onto the sofas and coffee table.  I love watching you explore and move.  You love to take things apart and inspect them.  You’ll turn toys upside down and it really looks like you’re trying to figure out how they work.  You can almost see those wheels turning in your head.  You’re starting to climb on things too.  Your Dad has found you climbing on the fire place to get to your toys, and he’s seen you stand on other toys to lift yourself higher up.  You’re one smart cookie figuring all of this out.  You love sitting and rocking in my sister’s and my old rocking chair from when we were your age.

climbing where you shouldn't be!

climbing where you shouldn’t be!

Your physical therapy is going beautifully.  We’ve knocked it down to just once every two weeks because you’re learning everything so quickly and moving so well.  I’m so proud of you and hard you’ve been working to get to where you are.  You sometimes get really frustrated with me and your Dad when me make you do this the “right” way instead of how you want to do it, but you catch on quickly.  And, overall you have a really good attitude about it all.


You’re babbling all the time now.  You “talk” to us nonstop.  You’re trying to copy sounds that we make.  You can say “hello,” “all done,” “up,” and “no,” and I think that you’re starting to try and say “down.”  You think sneezing is absolutely hilarious.  Anytime that someone sneezes you then copy the sound and saying “azthu” and laugh and giggle.  I have no much fun fake sneezing with you – it sounds ridiculous but it always causes us to bust out laughing and I love it.





You got a year long pass to the zoo for your birthday, and we’ve already made use of that, and have plans to keep going, in fact, I’ll be taking you this weekend!  You like watching the animals that you can get close to and easily see.  If they’re not moving, or too far away, you don’t seem very interested.  So far, you love the puffins, seals and otters the most, but, you also just like being outside and in your stroller.  You had your first taste of ice cream while at this past trip to the zoo and you LOVED it!  In fact you didn’t seem to want to share with me or your Dad.

I have so much fun with you.  I don’t think I can emphasis that enough.  You’re a true joy.  You make me laugh everyday, and you fill me with a love that I never knew could exist.  I love you so so much.  I always will.


boycotting nap time

boycotting nap time


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