Being a Homeowner

Being a homeowner is hard.  J and I are trying to make improvements and to our home as well as just maintaining it – you know, being responsible and shit.  What was on the docket this year was to paint the house, next year was to have 2 trees removed that are dead and dying, and then the year after that was to actually start beautifying the yard and inside.

When we bought our house a few years ago we knew that it needed to be painted.  We saved up the money to do it, and since March I’ve been calling painter after painter after painter.  A lot of them never returned my calls.  The ones that I got to call me back and schedule a time to come out and give ma quote, would never show up.  I finally was able to have 3 painters make it to my house to give me quotes.  And, after some negotiation and making sure that everything is in writing, it looks like we found the right painter to come out and paint our house.  We are about 2 steps away from officially hiring them and starting the process.

Now, simultaneously we were kinda starting to shop around for tree removal services.  Our neighborhood is older, and it’s covered in mature trees.  Our house was built in ’52 and we have about 5 oak tress in our back yard, and three in the front.  We had a friend of a friend stop by today to give us a quote to see how much it would be to cut down at least 1, but hopefully 2 trees.  The guy showed up this morning took one look at our dead tree and said he wouldn’t touch it.  It’s too dead for him to feel comfortable cutting it down.  He said that the people he would recommend to cut it down would charge $4000 baseline to get it down safely…., and that’s not even including the other tree that needs to be removed.  We were told that our dead tree cannot wait another year to be removed.  He even suggested we sleep in our living room during storms because it’s so precarious

Now I’m trying to figure out how to remove 2 trees (one very very dead tree) and paint our house all in the same year so that our house doesn’t start rotting or worse(?) have a tree fall on it.

We did contact our insurance company to see if they’d help with the cost of the tree removal.  We do have a tree removal clause in our home insurance, but they’re checking to see if it covers preventative or just fallen trees.

I’m feeling very much like an adult right now.  I’m freaking out about money, and I’m about to have a panic attack because of all of this.

Being a homeowner is hard…

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