Baby Sign Language

Baby Sign Language is awesome.

J and I started using a few signs since Henry was about 10 months old.  We’d use them when we remembered, but I guess we thought that either Henry wasn’t watching or that he just didn’t care that we were making hand gestures at him.

However, as soon as Henry turned 1 he started doing them back.  It really seemed like someone flipped a switch in his head and he’s been communicating so well since then!!  Henry doesn’t repeat the hand gestures perfectly, but his intent in clear.  He can sign for milkwater, more, and all done.  He’s also started to try to say “water,” and “all done” when he signs them.

We’ve been trying to add in other signs as well.  Dogcatplease and thank youmamadad and grandmother, but he hasn’t used any of those yet.

So far the signs that Henry uses the most are milk and water.

Right now, J is on summer vacation from school and he’s been working from home to get ready for the coming school year.  But, to save some money over the summer J is watching Henry during the day instead of paying for daycare.  Because the option is available to us we Facetime while I’m at work a couple times a day so that I can see them both and see how their day is going.  We were Facetiming yesterday, and J had the camera turned so that Henry could see me and I could see him, and Henry looked at me and signed for milk.  He didn’t ask J for milk then, he was looking at me and asking me.  I wanted to cry when he did that.  I felt horrible that I wasn’t able to be there to nurse my baby when he was asking for it.  It was a very bittersweet moment for sure.  I soon as I got home Henry crawled into my lap to nurse, which definitely seemed to make both of us happier.

I really do think that Baby Sign Language is awesome, and we’ll definitely keep doing it and adding more and more signs.


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