Pumping Rights

My rights have run out…

Now that Henry is a year old my rights to pump at work have gone away. I have no more legal right to pump at work, and my employers were never very accommodating about me taking time out of the day for me to pump before Henry turned a year old. They allowed it, but begrudgingly- mostly because it would be illegal not to. When Henry turned a year old the expectation was for me to stop. And, honestly, that was my plan as well.

There’s just a few problems. In pumping for 3 times a day for the past six months (when Henry started daycare), I’ve built up a really great supply. I did go down to pumping 2 times a day about 2 weeks before Henry turned a year old, but I still wanted him to be able to have his 3 bottles a day, and not start the weaning process until after he turned a year old. Which means, after he turned 1, that I then had engorged boobs and became incredibly uncomfortable during the day. So, to stop that, I started pumping on my lunch break – averaging 8 ounces (see – proof of a REALLY good supply).

Now, I still have to go over to the other company that let’s me use their conference room. And, they mentioned to my bosses that I was still going over there, and my bosses are not so happy about it. Granted, I’m entitled to a lunch break, and what I do on my lunch break is my business. But, I just don’t like feeling like everyone’s keeping tabs on me. I’ve contemplated finding a secluded parking lot and pumping in my car, but my windows aren’t tinted and everyone could see what I was doing, even if I had a cover on, and that just makes me too uncomfortable.

I’ve started looking for alternative places to pump, but I’m not having much luck with that. I feel kinda stuck and at a loss for what to do. I’m not ready to wean Henry, and Henry isn’t ready to be weaned either. The incident with his daycare giving him formula was more than proof for that.

I’m just not sure what to do….anyone have any bright ideas?


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