Common Sense/ Courtesy

I am ticked off. Actually, I’m beyond ticked off. I’m angry, frustrated and mad.

J’s sister (who’s 21 going on 14) is moving out to Colorado for school. So, J, J’s Dad and his brother all took a half day from work yesterday to load up all of her stuff in a U-Haul, to get her all packed up to hit the road early this morning. When J was originally asked to help, we were told by his parents that J could drop the baby off with me at work, and J would help load stuff, and then we’d all get together for dinner afterwards. We said sure, it seemed like a nice way to send his sister off. We did tell them that Henry needs to eat no later than 6:30 – and actually 6:00 would work better because we have a 45 minute drive home and then a bedtime routine to do once we get home. We were told “No problem!”

Yesterday, J drops the baby off with me, and goes to load boxes and furniture. Around 5:30, J calls me to tell me that they’re almost done, and for us to start heading over to his parents house. So, I load us up and head over there. When I get there, they have one last piece of furniture to load, and then they have to put her car on a trailer and hook that to the U-Haul.

I stay in the house with Henry, my mother-in-law and my sister-in-law, while all of the guys are doing the heavy lifting. 6:00 comes and goes. Around 6:30, J takes a break long enough to ask about dinner. Nothing’s been ordered, and we were told that it would take 20 to 30 minutes for anything to get to their house. My blood begins to boil at this point. I can see that J is getting upset. He tells his parents that he and I won’t be eating at their house because we now don’t have time, but is there anything that we can feed Henry so that he doesn’t have to wait any longer for dinner (the little dude was hungry and would not have handled a 45 minute car ride before dinner well).

J’s mom searches in the fridge (I should mention that as a general rule that they usually don’t keep food in their house….) and the only thing she can find is part of a club sandwich that J’s sister had the day before. She asks J’s sister if she could give the sandwich to the baby, and my sister-in-law goes on this passive aggressive speech about how if it’s the only thing then she guesses that the baby could have it. But, that she does still really want to eat it. But, if there’s really nothing else he can have it. She goes on like this for about 5 minutes. I’m about to lose my shit during all of this. At one point, and I’m not making this shit up, she said “I guess Henry can have it, but if I had known this was going to happen, I would have eaten it earlier.”

Let me get this straight: your brother, your dad and your other brother ALL take off from work to load your shit in a truck, while you basically watch. And, you’re too dumb to realize that your 11 month old nephew is hungry. He was promised dinner when he came over, and it didn’t happen, and you won’t give him 1/4 of a club sandwich?? BITCH! It got to the point that I just took the damn sandwich, took the bacon off of it, cut it up and put it front of Henry. Her stupid ass be damned. Henry ate all of it – so proud of my boy.

Then, J’s parents were mystified that he and I were both pissed off. His mom offered to give us a frozen pizza, or frozen hamburgers, or leftover soup to take home for dinner. We said no. Then, she had the gall to look at her daughter and say “well, I tried.” Ummm, no. Trying, would have been ordering dinner in time for ALL of us to eat, so that Henry can stick to his schedule and go down for the night at a normal time.

If this had happened on a weekend, it wouldn’t have been as big a deal. Then we could let Henry sleep in the next day, and make sure that he gets adequate naps during the day, so that he could catch up on sleep. But, I had to wake him up at 6:15 this morning when he went to bed at 9 last night. And, because he’s in daycare today, he’ll only get 1 nap. So, I expect that he’ll be miserable and fussy and upset when he gets home tonight.

I just can’t believe these people. I don’t care that I didn’t get fed, but I do care that my kid almost got screwed over by family members who are too selfish to think of other’s needs….


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