Sick Baby

I know that I’ve been pretty quiet lately. Life has been pretty rough, and anytime that I sit down to write about it, I just feel like I’m complaining and can’t actually bring myself to post anything.

On that note, I’m home from work today because Henry is sick.

When I picked up Henry from daycare yesterday, this face greeted me


Needless to say, I freaked out. There was green puss oozing from his eyes, and those beautiful blue eyes were swollen, and green snot pouring out of his nose, what mother wouldn’t freak out?

So, J and I tried to make a doctor appointment, but his Ped had gone home early and there was no one there to examine him, so to urgent care we went.

We waited for an hour and when we were finally seen, Henry was diagnosed with conjunctivitis (pinkeye) and another ear infection. He’s on an antibiotic, eye drops and drops for ear pain.

So, he and I have been playing and cuddling all day. I absolutely hate when he’s sick, but I do revel in all the extra cuddles, I mean, who wouldn’t? But despite all the extra cuddles I really hope he’s better soon, he looks so pitiful, and I’m sure he feels worse than he looks.


3 thoughts on “Sick Baby

  1. awwww poor Henry. I hope he’s back to normal soon. Sorry he’s been sick =( Sorry life is rough. Sometimes it just sucks. And p.s., it’s okay to complain sometimes.

    • I’ve read about using breastmilk as a natural remedy. And, I did try it. The trouble was that I couldn’t keep Henry out of daycare for a week +- until he wasn’t contagious anymore, and it was really hard to squirt the milk into his eyes. He was obviously not very cooperative for that and seemed very confused that I was aiming for his eyes and not his mouth.

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