NC Infant-Toddler Program

I met with a woman from the NC Infant-Toddler Program last week. This is the group of people who are going to assess Henry tomorrow to see if he has any type of motor delay.

The meeting was pretty basic. She went over what they do, and how the operate. I had to sign a lot of forms. They needed permission to look into Henry’s birth records (infant hearing test etc.) and his records from his pediatrician. I also have to get our last two months of pay stubs together to prove what our income is. They have a sliding scale to decide what the cost of the therapy is for each family, if therapy is deemed necessary.

She took down some information about Henry – birth weight, vaginal delivery, breastfed, what daycare he goes to, things like that, but we didn’t go into any kind of depth.

After going over all of the forms I had to sign, and giving me a packet to fill out, that was it. She said she’d see me next week, and then left.

Before that meeting I was handling the nervousness that I have about Henry’s immobility fairly well. So well that I’d only deem it as a mild concern. Since that meeting, I’ve been making myself sick with worry. I transition quickly from knowing that he has some form of motor delay, to reassuring myself that he’s just laid back and not ready to roll around, crawl or walk or pull up, and then back again to thinking somethings wrong.

I’m glad that I made the appointment. I needed to make it for my peace of mind. And I’m anxious for what they’re going to tell me tomorrow. The appointment is at 9:30 and it’s supposed to last around an hour. Tomorrow morning can’t get here soon enough.


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