Month Ten

Dear Henry,

You’ve made it into the double digits!  You’re now 10 months old!!  So much has happened in the last month, it’s hard to know where to begin.  This is going to be a long one.
Let’s start with the most recent….Being sick.  On Tuesday (4/16), you barely made it through dinner before you lost it and you pretty much demanded to go to bed.  So, I put you to bed early, and you fell right asleep and kept sleeping until I woke you up the next morning to get ready for school.  You were pretty fussy all morning, and when I dropped you off at daycare, you started crying as hard as you could, goodness did I feel like the worst mother when you had tears streaming down your face when I kissed you goodbye.  Your classroom is in the back of the building, and I could hear you screaming when I was walking out the front door to go to work.  You were not pleased when I left you that morning.
Around 2:30, I got a call from the daycare that you were running a fever and needed to be picked up.  While I went to go get you, your dad called and made you a doctor appointment.  I took you in to be seen and you were diagnosed with an ear infection.  They put you on Cefdinir (I’d never heard of it before).
Your dad stayed home with you on Thursday since you still had a fever.  He said that you basically slept all day, so he cuddled with you all day and you both watched cartoons when you were awake.  You barely eat anything and even refused a few of your bottles.  I was worried because you weren’t eating or drinking, but you nursed ok that night, and I tried to put you to bed early again.  You screamed your little head off when it was time to go to bed, and it took us almost 3 hours to put you down for the night, making your bedtime that night at around 11:00.
I went to work on Friday, and your dad stayed home with you again.  The report on Friday was that you were extra fussy, and difficult to please.  You still slept more than usual, but not as much as the day before.  You also still had a hard time going to bed that night, and that caused me to think something was not going right with the antibiotic you were taking, since you became a screaming machine about 30 minutes to an hour after you had it.  Some of the side effects are stomach cramps and diarrhea – and you were having both.  So, on Saturday morning we called your doctor and had the antibiotic switched to Amoxicillin.  Not too long after we made the switch, I noticed that you had a pinkish red rash on your back and your tummy.  Again, we called the doctor and he told us to give you Benedryl.  We did.  It did nothing for the rash.  Now, I’m usually pretty calm, but this freaked me out.  I immediately thought that you were developing the measles (there have been outbreaks in the area recently).  After googling what measles looks like, I think switched my diagnosis to Rubella.  And, that did nothing to calm my nerves either.
Your rash on Saturday morning.

Your rash on Saturday morning.


Your rash continued to look worse and on Sunday I couldn’t take the uncertainty anymore.  I packed you up and took you to urgent care.  The nurse rolled her eyes when I told her I thought you had German Measles.  A little while later you were examined by a nurse practitioner who declared that you did not have German Measles, but that you had Roseola.  I was told that it will go away on its own and that there’s nothing we could do.  Roseola doesn’t itch, and is a viral infection, so nothing could be prescribed.  You were still deemed contagious while you had the rash, so you couldn’t go back to school on Monday.  I took you to work with me, and while mostly in a better mood, you were still pretty irritable.
You’re still not sleeping great.  Your dad and I don’t know if it’s left over from being sick, or maybe you’re going through a growth spurt, or perhaps it’s a 10 month sleep regression.  All I know is that you wake up screaming/screeching at 11:00 every night for almost a week now.  You refuse to be left alone in your room.  You will sleep in you’re cuddled with one of us, but the second we put you down in your crib, you start screaming again.  To try to circumvent that, you’ve been sleeping in bed with us, and even sleeping with us, you still wake up screaming multiple times a night.  We’ve all been waking up exhausted for several days now, and I have to say, it’s getting old.  I love you so much, and I enjoy all cuddle moments I get with you, but it’s harder to cherish the ones that happen at 2:45 in the morning, especially when you have to get up to go to work in a little over 3 hours.
At ten months old you’re still not mobile.  I know I said that last month I wasn’t concerned about this.  I retract that statement.  I’m now concerned.  You don’t roll, you don’t scoot, you sit.  You can turn yourself around in a circle sitting, and on your tummy, and you can push yourself backwards either sitting or on your tummy, but you can’t actively get to an object that you want if it’s out of reach in front of you.  I mentioned it to your doctor when you were being examined for you ear infection.  To my surprise they put in a referral for you to be seen by a physical therapist, to make sure that you’re developing the way that you’re supposed to.  I meet with her next week, and she evaluates you on May 8th.  I keep hoping that you’re going to be moving before we have these appointments, but so far you seem content to sit and play.
You are showing an interest in wanting to stand, and you like to stand up and look around.  You’re trying to pull up on everything, but you haven’t mastered how to do it yet.  You can do it with help, especially if you can push your feet up against something to help you up.  Lately you’ve been trying to walk when we’re holding your hands, which is pretty cool to see.  You’re not cruising yet, but I’m hopeful that it will happen soon.
You’re still being very adventurous with food.  You’ll try everything that we put in front of you.  Not too long ago your dad gave you a muscle which you seemed to like.  Fruit is still the biggest thing that you won’t eat.  Apples remain your favorite, and recently I got you to eat a couple bites of banana  You tried a blackberry, but had more fun squishing it than eating it.  So, your dad and I have started to hide fruit in the food we give you.  You’re a big fan of your dad’s scones which have raisins and dried cherries in them.  You also like my blueberry pancakes.
Breastfeeding is still going strong. During the week you nurse twice a day, once in the morning when you wake up, and once in the evening before you go to bed.  Both take place in the rocking chair in your room, and I love that time with you.  At daycare they give you 3 bottles.  One at 9:15, one at 1:00 and one at 3:45.  You eat lunch there at 10:30, and have a snack at 2:00, so your meals are pretty well spaced out.  You’re also eating breakfast at home with us and dinner with us every night too, so you’re eating a lot during the day!
Yesterday I bought you a bunch of new toys on amazon and I’m anxiously waiting for them to arrive.  I got you a lot of interactive stuff: puzzles and blocks and shape sorters.  I think I’m as excited to play with them as you are.  I also got you a new ring stacker since Ali ate your old one.
I know the majority of this post hasn’t been very upbeat, and I’m sorry for that.  It seems like it’s in my job description as your mother to worry about you, and I take that roll very seriously.  I love you so much.  I always will!  I’m looking forward to when you’re feeling better and are my happy little baby again!  Until then, I’ll be sure to give you extra snuggles, extra  cuddles and tell you at least 15 time more a day how much I love you!
– Mom

4 thoughts on “Month Ten

  1. There are benzocaine drops that can now be prescribed for painful ears. It’s inexpensive, and it worked miracles for us!

    Praying that your little one gets a good report from the PT. It’s better to evaluate if you have concerns. We did with our youngest. He was fine, and the evaluation from a professional put my mind at ease.

    • It’s a cephalsporin. It seemed to be a very strong antibiotic. He was to have only one dose of it a day. I believe that it caused him to have some major stomach pains because he would squirm and twist and cry in pain about 30 minutes to an hour after he had his dose. I’ve put it on the DO NOT USE list for our pediatrician.

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