I know that I’ve been silent for a little while now. Things have been getting pretty bad at work, so I can’t post anything during the day, and honestly by the time I get home I’m too emotionally exhausted to even think about sitting in front of a computer.

I’m reaching the end of my rope at my current job. Honestly, I might even be at the end of it. I seriously almost quit on Monday. I don’t want to get into the why, just know that it’s not good. I’ve been in a serious funk lately too, and I feel like the depression I experienced in my college days is coming back.

I’ve been applying to at least 5 jobs daily, sometimes more and I’m getting nothing back. I’m really not sure what to do at this point. I wish we could afford for me to quit, but even short term that’s not a possibility.

I hate my job. I hate that I’m stuck in this job. I don’t know what to do….

How about a funny picture to offset the mood?



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