WWW 3 Weeks Late

It looks like I’ve been as slack about recording my weight loss efforts as I have been on actually trying to lose weight…I’m going to recap the last couple of weeks and get caught up and hopefully this will spur me into getting my act together and to continue my efforts to reach my goal weight.

March 6 – 154.2
March 13 – 154.2
March 20 – 155.8…ugh
March 27 – 152.2!

I have no idea what I did to cause me to lose weight last week, but I’ll take it. I’ve been really slack in working out. And I know I need to make that more of a priority, but some days it’s just impossible to do. I get home at 6:00 (leave work at 5:00 on the dot, and run to pick up Henry, and then I’m home at 6) and then J and I have to cook dinner, wash bottles, rinse off diapers, eat dinner, clean up from dinner, put the baby to bed, and by that point I’m about ready to collapse.

I know that I should make more of an effort to work out on the weekend, but that’s really hard to do, too. With cleaning, grocery shopping, outings, and needing some downtime to just sit, our weekends are usually pretty busy. And then, the unexpected happens, like it did this weekend. I woke up at 5:30 am on Saturday morning because I had to run to the bathroom to puke. And I repeated that every hour until about 10:30. And, luckily thereon out, I didn’t throw up, but I was extremely nauseous, unable to eat or drink, achy, with a low grade fever…sick. So, all of Saturday I was out of commission, except for when I needed to nurse Henry (btw – pumping and nursing while sick is soo hard to do!). Then, on Sunday, J got sick, and he’s still recuperating today.

I struggle with not only needing to make time for myself to exercise, but wanting to. Most of the time it comes down to either working out for an hour, or spending time with Henry for another hour. And, Henry wins every time. And when I’m not feeling guilty for not spending enough time with my son, I’m honestly just too tired. I’ve thought about working out in the morning before work, but I know myself better than that. I’d have to get up at 5:00 to work out for 30 minutes, and that’s just not going to happen.

Maybe the best thing to do is to find ways to have Henry work out with me. Wear him as I go on a walk, or do baby weight lifting exercises (he’s an 18+ pound weight after all). I think I’ll look more into that over the next few days.

If you have any tips on how to stay motivated, I could really use them…


2 thoughts on “WWW 3 Weeks Late

  1. Im trying to get myself motivated currently, so sadly I am tip-less for now. However, you are doing stellar, keep it up mom. From one mom to another, I know how hard it is to think about yourself and to find the time. Good for you, I mean it.

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