When I picked Henry up from daycare yesterday, his morning teacher left me a note that said that he is on the verge of crawling. That during the day he managed to scoot himself forward a little bit. He never did get up on his hands and knees, but he’s propelling himself forward bit my bit!

OMG! My baby is getting ready to crawl! I’m so not ready for this! My floors are no where near clean enough, and with 3 cats and a dog and a full time job, I really doubt that they’re ever going to be! I’m also not ready to give up putting him on the floor to play while I go and do something that needs to be done, and when I come back, he’s still in the same spot! I’m not ready to have to look for him all over the house! I’m not ready for him to be big enough and independent enough to crawl. I’m really just not ready for any of it…..

I feel so torn about all of this. I want to do a happy dance that my baby is going to be crawling any day now, but I also want to sit down and cry because my baby is going to be crawling any day now! How did we get here already? It seriously feels like two months ago I brought him home from the hospital!!!



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