The “Do Not Buy” List

If you’ve ever read a ‘Mommy Blog’ then you’ve read the post about the list of things that they found to be essential when having a baby. I’ve been thinking about writing a post like that, and even started working on it a few times and then quickly realized that I had no new information to add. In fact, my list of essential stuff was very small, usually all breastfeeding oriented. So, I thought I might be of more help if I wrote out all the stuff that we have that we don’t use/don’t want/don’t need and why.

Travel Systems:
J and I, like most consumers, were won over by the thought of a travel system. You could move the baby from the car, to the stroller, back to the car, and into the house (or wherever you destination may be) without taking them out of their carrier! What’s more, the stroller can be used without the carrier, so when they out grow that, you still have a freaking nice stroller.
….That was the thought anyway. Now that we have an 8 (almost 9!) month old, I think that we spent way to much money on this and that it honestly isn’t worth it. The stroller is ginormous. As in, I’d have to put all of my back seats down in order for it to be put into my car, and yes, even the seat that holds the car seat base. Meaning that only J’s car (which is an SUV), can hold the stupid thing. What’s more, is that even folded up, it takes up a ridiculous amount of space and won’t fit into a closet, so it just sits in our dining room and I glare at it every time I have to walk by it.
Instead of a stroller, I’m a fan of a baby carrier – baby bjorn, moby, sling etc. I’d rather hold my baby than put him in a stroller. So, I think that a car seat and a cheap umbrella stroller would have worked out much better for us in the long run.

That’s right, I’m going there. They are so not worth the headache! Yes, in the beginning they’re nice. Your baby starts to fuss, you plop it in their mouth and they’re instantly quiet from anywhere from 30 seconds to 3 hours. However, there’s a darker side to the pacifier that people rarely, if ever, talk about. Your baby will become addicted to it. They will want it for naps, bedtime and anytime in between. They’ll want it when it’s sitting right next to them but your baby hasn’t learned object permanence yet and they think it disappeared forever. Or, they can see it, but lack the motor skills to put it back in their mouth. Or, they’ll be working on those motor skills and take it out of their mouth to look at it, and then cry because it’s not in their mouth anymore! They’ll cry in the middle of the night when it falls out of their mouth and you’ll have to go in and replace it 18 million times a night so that they’ll sleep. You will spend the majority of your time replacing the pacifier instead of reveling in the quiet that it’s supposed to provide.
Instead, I’d say don’t bother – really and truly, you and your baby can make it without it, I promise! Usually speaking, anything that a pacifier can solve, so can holding the baby (although, even that might not work if you’re weaning them off of the pacifier). If I could go back now, I’d never have given Henry one. We made it 6 weeks without it and then caved in and bought him one. And he had that until he was 5 months old and I couldn’t take it one more minute, and weaned him off of it. And you know what, he doesn’t miss it! My baby pictures no longer have a stupid piece of plastic covering his smile. He started sleeping through the night when we got rid of them, and has learned other ways to soothe himself.

Ikea Crib:
Like a lot of people, we’re on a tight budget. So, when we needed to buy baby furniture we instantly thought of Ikea. It’s cheap, durable, and safety rated, and on paper it looked perfect. The one major defect that our crib has is that the mattress doesn’t fit the crib, and yes, they’re both from Ikea. The mattress leave about a 4 inch gap at one end of the crib. I had to roll up 2 towels and push them in the space to keep it from becoming (more of) a hazard. Also, normal crib sheets and dust ruffles don’t fit Ikea mattresses or cribs. Our dust ruffle is from pottery barn and is too small to fit the Ikea crib, and the fitted sheets from Baby’s R Us are also too small for the mattress. So, when we put a new sheet on the mattress, it causes the mattress to almost bend in half, which causes us to have smoosh and smooth and do everything but flop on it to try to get it to lay flat. Maybe it’s just our crib that’s like this, as I haven’t really read any other reviews that state these problems, but if we had it to do over, I’d probably fork over more money for a slightly nicer crib that bedding would actually fit.

Baby Bathtub Chairs:
Before baby is big enough to sit up on his own, you’re probably going to need to buy a type of baby bathtub that will allow the baby to lounge back while you wash them. J and I ended up buying two because Henry kept trying to float away. At first we thought it was a design flaw of the recliner that we had, but then we learned that no matter what contraption you put a baby in when they’re in the bathtub, they’re going to try to float away. Baby’s are buoyant and will actually float in the bath if you don’t keep them anchored at all times.

….I think that might be everything. We actually don’t have that much baby stuff, and I’d say that most of it is practical. We do have a shit ton of burp clothes that we rarely if ever used. We had a miracle baby who never spit up. Occasionally he’d have a pea sized drop come out when he burped, but that was it. He never actually spit up though. But, as each baby is different, I’d still say to buy them (old fashioned cloth diapers work the best) just in case.

What goes on your “Do Not Buy” baby list?


2 thoughts on “The “Do Not Buy” List

  1. “I love my baby, why would I want to PUSH him away from me!?”

    All jokes aside, I agree 100%. I would also add the Sleepy-Time Lamb we bought. It’s supper cute, has an adorable little story, and sounds great. Babies (Henry included) love the white noise because of the similarities to the womb. However, the longest this thing would last is 15 minutes. And with no AC adapter, batteries go fast. Instead, invest in a sound machine. It may not look as cute or cuddly, but it gets the job done!

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