Cuddling a Sleeping Baby

Henry woke up crying last night at around 9:15. Whenever he does that, J and I look at each other with disbelief mixed with concern. Henry rarely wakes up crying in the middle of the night, and when he does, it usually means that something’s wrong.
So, I went back to his room to see what was up. He was in his crib, eyes tightly closed crying. I picked him up and took him over to the rocking chair and offered to let him nurse, but he refused. So, I held him close and started to rock him, but I could tell that that wasn’t what he wanted. So, I got up and started to pace the room with him. He settled down immediately. He put his head on my shoulder and started to go to sleep, but as he would fall asleep, his head would start to slide down my arm, which would cause his whole body to jerk awake, and we’d have to start the process over.
Eventually I was able to position him to where he could get comfortable and he started to go back to sleep. I made my way over to the rocking chair and started rocking him, with his head on my shoulder. I rubbed his back as I rocked and I hummed the melody to “baby mine.” Henry was asleep in no time.
Me, on the other hand, I found that I didn’t want to get up and put him back down in his crib. I just wanted to sit there and hold my baby. So, I indulged in that for a little while. There’s something magical about a baby falling asleep on your shoulder. It’s like the peace that the baby feels while sleeping just radiates out and seeps into you while you hold them. I can never get enough of that feeling.
Eventually, I did put Henry back in his crib, and he slept straight through until I woke him up at 6:15 this morning to nurse.
I still don’t know what caused him to wake up crying, maybe he just wanted some extra snuggles with his Mama.

One thought on “Cuddling a Sleeping Baby

  1. My daughter is the very same way! She’ll often wake up chatting to herself, but the cries always leave me mystified and feeling a little clingy myself when it comes time to put her back down. I know these little years won’t last long, so I’m trying to enjoy them while I can… even when it means I don’t get much sleep!

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