Weekly Weigh-In Wednesday

Starting Weight: 165.2
Last Week’s Weight: 154.8
This Week’s Weight: 154.6
Total Lost So Far: 10.6
Goal Weight: 125 (29.6 lbs to go!)

….This was my worst week yet. I did manage to lose weight this week, but only .2 lbs, so I basically stayed the same. I’m really not upset about this, I was actually very surprised that I didn’t gain weight this week. It was Thursday and Friday (mainly Thursday) that caused all the problems for me. Henry was out of daycare sick on Thursday, and I had to bring him to work with me. Which meant, that my normal healthy eating plans got thrown out of the window.
Since I was scrambling to get me and the baby out the door on Thursday (wasn’t able to plan for it the night before, and it takes a whole separate list of things than when he goes to daycare), I wasn’t able to pack anything for me or Henry to eat for lunch or breakfast that day (Henry wasn’t actually up for eating solids anyway). Then, while at work, around 11:30 Henry’s temperature spiked up to 101.2. So, I decided to take him to a minute clinic down the road so they’d look in his ears to make sure they weren’t infected. Well, that turned out to be a waste of time. The minute clinic doesn’t see children under 18 months…and of course I didn’t find this out until after I’d waited for 20 minutes.

So, screaming baby in tow, I headed back to work, and it’s at this point in time that I realize I’m starving and haven’t eaten all day. So….I swung by McDonald’s. I needed something I could eat in 30 seconds, and something that I could eat in the car on the way back to work. I knew (and I was right) that Henry would wake up as soon as the care engine turned off, and that he’d refuse to let me put him down after that. So, McDonald’s it was. It was gross, and nasty and I didn’t enjoy it at all – and I don’t think I’m ever going back. When did their burgers become so salty?

Anyway, after taking care of a very unhappy and sick baby all day (J was at a clinic type thing and didn’t get home until after 9 that night), I was exhausted and in no mood to cook dinner. So, I decided to order food. And, when we order food we have 3 choices: Pizza, Chinese or Jimmy Johns. I picked Jimmy Johns, thinking it wouldn’t be that bad. I was wrong. Lunch was a total of 36 points +, and dinner was a total of 31 points +. My daily allotment is 33.

Then add in all of the drinking that I did over the weekend (3 bottles of wine consumed between me and J over 2 days), and that’s how I managed to only lose 0.2 lbs this week…but hey, I didn’t gain!

I did manage to track what I ate everyday this week. A lot of it was going back in after the fact, but that’s better than nothing.

Working out this week….yeah, that didn’t happen. With Henry being sick on Thursday and Friday, I didn’t get to work out on either day. And then I was just exhausted on the weekend from taking care of a sick baby for two days by myself. Then on Monday – Wednesday, J was sick, and I was back to taking care of a baby by myself for…well…until today.

Part of this was beyond my control, and other parts of it were me sabotaging myself. I REALLY need to find a way to stay motivated and to keep making healthy choices and tracking, and sticking to my workout routine. I just don’t know how to do that….


3 thoughts on “Weekly Weigh-In Wednesday

  1. When I feel in a rush and only fast food seems like an option, I go for Jack in the Box grilled chicken salad without dressing. I think McDonalds is offering some salads as well. It might not be as convenient as a burger, but still a pretty easy fix.

    P.S. We have pretty much the same goal 🙂 My starting weight is 162lbs and my goal weight is 125lbs. How tall are you?

  2. I found a grilled chicken sandwich at McDonald’s that isn’t half bad. Do it without the sauce and without the top bun and it gets the job done for relatively low calories and not a huge mess. I bet they’d even let you add an extra chicken breast to help fill you up with fewer calories.

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