Discrimination Part 2

So, this past Saturday I went in to talk to my boss/father-in-law about what he said to me about my pumping. I really don’t want to get into exactly what was said, but the conversation didn’t go well. I ended up getting yelled at and was basically told to shut up and do what was asked of me and not complain.

I can’t even begin to describe how hurt and angry I am over all of this. I did get him to admit that if he ever asked that of anyone else (ie not his daughter-in-law) that they would have the right to sue him. And, even after he admitted that, he still didn’t apologize to me. Why it’s ok to discriminate against me I have no idea, and I don’t appreciate it (to put it mildly). So, the vindictive part of me decided to go back to working on an hourly basis instead of salary to prove that I’m working 40 hours a week. And the funny thing is that I’m getting more than 40 hours a week without coming in on Saturdays, and now they have to pay me overtime.

I’ve renewed my search for another job. I’m applying to several a day now, usually while I’m pumping (poetic justice?). I really hope that I get something soon. I need to get out of this office and start somewhere where I’ll be appreciated and not taken for granted.

And to offset this serious post, here’s a few adorable and lighthearted pictures of Henry





4 thoughts on “Discrimination Part 2

  1. Ugh. The whole thing is just WTF?!!!!! Sorry you’re like ummm… FEEDING HIS GRANDSON. What the heck? My mind has been boggled. Completely.
    I am glad you are taking control of your situation, and turning it out for the best. You are one tough momma 🙂

    • You’d think that he’d be more understanding about the whole providing food for his grandson, but no. My in-laws fed all their kids formula (which is fine), but they don’t understand and aren’t fans of breastfeeding.

  2. OMG he’s adorable!

    I don’t envy your situation… I’m learning from my own experiences as well as others that it’s just not a good idea to mix family and business… makes it easier for someone to walk all over you… hopefully a new job pops up for you and you can get out of there sooner rather than later!

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