Trust Your Gut

I took Henry to the doctor today. While I was home with him, he had another screaming fit like yesterday’s, and nothing would calm him down. When I was packing him up to take to the doctor, he was all smiles and happily babbling, and for a moment I thought I was making it all up in my head, and blowing things out of proportion. But, I took him anyway.

When I got there, Henry was still all smiles, and other people and even the nurses, were commenting what a happy baby he was for being sick. And, again, I felt like I was making a mistake for taking him to the doctor. I felt guilty, like I was wasting their time, and being “one of those moms” who all medical professionals hate.

Our appointment was at 2. I was in the waiting room until 2:20, and then taken to an exam room where I waited until 2:50 until we were seen. And for that almost hour I was second guessing myself the whole time. And, I think I waited so long because everyone, including me, had our doubts that Henry was sick.

Finally, the Nurse Practitioner arrived. She listened to Henry’s lungs, and Henry was playing with the stethoscope the whole time. The NP said she heard wheezing in his lungs, and then she peeked in both ears, and said that he has a double ear infection. I was shocked.

Henry was tested for RSV, which was thankfully negative. And, then given a nebulizer treatment for the wheezing.

My brave boy!

He’s on an antibiotic for the ear infections, and also has ear drops for the pain. He also has an inhaler which has an apparatus for him to be able to use the inhaler.

My poor baby! I have to say that I’m so happy that I followed my gut and had him seen. Trust your instincts. Even if your baby is smiling an happy, he could still be really sick. Case in point:


Would you ever think that he was sick and doesn’t feel good? Well, that picture was taken an hour after we got home from the doctor.


3 thoughts on “Trust Your Gut

  1. Yeah, you definitely did the right thing. I do that too. Of course, I really might BE one of those moms. I have calmed down a bit, you know, because I have an 8 month old and am now a seasoned professional parent. (This is an obvious LIE.)

  2. Good advice to follow! I’m so sorry Henry has been so sick 😦 Glad he will be on the mend soon (and glad he can still find some smiles in the midst of his illness!)

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