My Baby’s Sick

Dear Henry,

You’re sick with a fever right now. You’ve had a small cold for what seems like forever, and today it all of a sudden got worse. We were hanging out at your Aunt Bethany’s and Uncle Evan’s house. You were a smiley happy baby for the first half of the visit, but after your afternoon nap you were cranky and upset. Then, you started crying and then the crying escalated into screaming. And you screamed, and screamed and screamed. It broke my heart to hear you scream like that. It always does.

We originally thought that you were having some horrible gas pains, and your dad ran out to buy baby gas drops. But later, when we checked your temp (via your bum) we discovered that you had a fever. I should probably mention that you were still screaming through all of this (your aunt believes this is because I didn’t lube up the thermometer with Vaseline first).

When we realized that you were actually sick, we loaded you up and all of our (your) stuff and drove the hour and a half home. I got you changed into pjs and set you up to start nursing, but you refused and decided to just go to sleep instead. Since then, I’ve been staring at the baby monitor a little too much, and have gone into your room a few too many times (and I’ll probably go in a few too many more), to check on you. I even asked your dad if we could move you to our room so that we could make sure you were ok all night, but I finally did realize that I should leave you alone to sleep while you’re actually sleeping.

I hate that you’re sick. I would love nothing more than to make you better. It’s a sad day when I don’t get to see your smile and hear your adorable laugh. I will do whatever I can to get my happy baby back. I’m staying home from work to be with you tomorrow and nurse you back to health. Feel better my sweet boy. I’m here if you need me.



(Unrelated, for all those that tried to view the video of Henry laughing, I’ve fixed the settings, so you all can see it now. I am not a YouTube expert, so, sorry for the mix up)


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