Weekly Weigh-In Wednesday

As I mentioned before, I’ve been tracking my food and trying to lose weight.  So here’s what’s been going on with that.

  • Starting Weight: 165
  • Today’s Weight: 161.6
  • Total Lost so far: 3.4
  • Goal Weight: Somewhere between 125 and 130 – haven’t decided yet.

Goals for this week:

  • Go to Zumba twice a week
  • Move my body is someway, everyday
  • Track food everyday
  • Drink water – aiming for well over 100 ounces a day

I’m still feeling pretty motivated.  Last week I went to Zumba twice and loved it both times.  I went yesterday and I’m planning on going again tomorrow.  In between Zumba classes I’m doing The 30 Day Shred, or using Henry as a weight (he seems to be enjoying it).

Upping my water has been really helping with my milk supply, so that’s an added benefit.  I’m hoping that I can start adding to my freezer stash again.

Tracking has been going ok.  I didn’t track at all over the weekend.  Mostly because it was J’s birthday and we went out Saturday to celebrate with friends (translation, lots of beer and lots of fatty foods), and J’s parents came over on Sunday to celebrate and we had Italian Beef Combos for dinner (roast beef, simmered in fat on a hoagie with a sausage link added in and topped with giardiniera (hot pickled peppers)).  It’s amazingly good.

But despite not tracking over the weekend and eating one of the most fattening sandwiches ever created, I did still manage to lose weight, so hooray!


I’m back to tracking everyday, and I’m making plans so stay on track on the weekend so that I won’t get derailed so easily.


2 thoughts on “Weekly Weigh-In Wednesday

  1. little by little. 3+ pounds in a week is fantastic! I know you are utilizing weight watchers, but if you are at all interested in trying something different, I had great success with the myfitnesspal app on the iphone. (not even sure if you have an iphone) I have never tried weight watchers so I can’t compare for you.
    In any case, congrats from a stranger on the progress!

    • Thanks! I’ll keep myfitnesspal in mind if WW doesn’t work out. I’ve had success with it in the past, which is why I chose to do it again this time.

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