New Year

With the start of a new year, I’ve set out to make a new me. I’ve been making several changes in my life recently, and I’m feeling a lot better because of them.

The first change is that I’ve made the decision to get the baby weight, and let’s be honest, the weight I had on before the baby- off. So, on January 2, J and I joined weight watchers. Granted that it’s only been a week, but it’s been going really well. We’ve been cooking a lot more, eating better and are just overall healthier. My first week I lost 2.2 lbs. And I’m planning on updating every week on my progress, to help keep me accountable and on the right track.

The second change is that I’m taking time out for me as a person. A little while ago I signed up for a Zumba class and tonight will be the 3rd time that I’ve gone. I have a lot of fun with it, it’s hard work, and as I have absolutely no dance background it’s a little more difficult dance wise than I anticipated, but I’m getting better. It’s nice to have that hour for me to do something for myself. I feel like in the past I haven’t taken advantage of opportunities like that and I am now realizing just how important they are. If I take the time to make myself happy, then all of my relationships are happier as a result.

The third is that I’m actively seeking a new job. I’ve applied for several positions now, and I actually have an interview with one tomorrow morning. So, keep your fingers crossed that works out! I’ll post more about that later as well.

I’m really hopeful for this new year. I’m going to get healthy and be a great role model for my son. I don’t want him to have the same body image issues that I do, and I really don’t want him to have the same issues with food that I do as well. I’m also hopeful for a new job. Something that I look forward to going to everyday (it’s been a while since that’s happened), and something that will give me an opportunity to advance.

So, yeah, a lot to be hopeful for in the year 2013!


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