Baby Led Weaning

Henry started solids around the 6 month mark. J and I decided that we were going approach solids differently. We never added cereal to his milk, and we’ve yet to give him anything pureed, and we have no intention of spoon feeding him. We’re basically following the Baby Led Weaning approach. Henry really seems to be loving it.

He’s tried a bunch of different foods so far:

sweet potato
green beans
whole wheat bread
He’s really starting to be adventurous about food. He’ll try anything that you put in front of him, and so far the things that he hasn’t been a fan of are bananas and oranges.
Henry joins J and I for dinner at the table and we plop a bit of whatever we’re eating onto his tray and we eat dinner as a family. It is a bit messy, but our dog really seems to like the baby led weaning, and we can cut down a bit on how much food we feed her because of this. Last night Henry ate some oven roasted sweet potatoes, carrots and cauliflower and had some chicken breast as well and green beans. The green beans were definitely his favorite. He held onto it and munched and sucked on them for the longest time.
Right now Henry’s just exploring with food. He hasn’t ingested too much, which is fine. He’s learning how to pick things up and put them in his mouth and how to move food around in his mouth, the actual swallowing will come later. Next week we’re going to be packing breakfast and lunch for him along with his milk for daycare. His main diet is still breast milk, and he’s been nursing really well lately (fingers crossed that it stays that way).
I’m really excited about him eating food. It’s so much watching him feed himself and explore tastes and textures. I really want him to have a good relationship with food. To like the good for him things and not the processed crap. I’m also hoping that the BLW will help him remain an adventurous eater and not be afraid to try new things.






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