For the past 2 days J and I have been trying to wean Henry off of his pacifier.  It’s just becoming more of a nuisance than a help.  The reasons for weaning are that we have to plop it back in his mouth way too often for naps and bedtime.  And because he’s into playing and inspecting everything we have to keep him tightly swaddled or he’ll pluck his pacifier out of his mouth to look at it and then he’ll cry because he doesn’t have it to suck on anymore.  So we decided to go slowly since we know that cry-it-out doesn’t work for him.  We’d cut the pacifier use out at naps and once that was tackled move on to bedtime.

 So, on Tuesday I toted him to work with his pacifier tucked away.  He was a happy little dude until it was nap time, and then he screamed bloody murder for an hour (not an exaggeration) while I held him and jiggled/rocked him to sleep.  He eventually did sleep, but his nap was only 30 minutes.  For his second nap he only cried/screamed for 30 minutes, but again his nap was only 30 minutes.  I knew that the naps were going to be short.  But I figured that once he got used to not having the pacifier they’d gradually get longer again, so I wasn’t really worried about that.
I couldn’t get him to go down for his 3rd nap, but since it was close to leaving for home at that point I wasn’t to worried about it. I figured that he’d sleep in the car (and he did).
That night we gave him his pacifier and he went right off to sleep.
On Wednesday, we tucked his pacifier away again and off to work we went.  Again, he was fine until it was nap time.  He screamed like he was being tortured for an hour, but eventually fell asleep in my arms and I then put him down in his crib.  He slept for 30 minutes again.  He woke up happy and played for a good while until he was getting really tired: rubbing his eyes, yawning etc.  So, I started getting him ready for his nap and he immediately started screaming.  And screamed and screamed. He screamed for over 2 hours.  I was holding him and trying to comfort him the whole time and he just kept screaming.

bet you didn't know that I can scream like I'm singing in a Wagner opera

bet you didn’t know that I can scream like I’m singing in a Wagner opera


It got to the point that he was so upset that I knew that we just needed to go home so that I wouldn’t need to worry about work or other people.  So, I packed him up (he was still screaming) and we headed home.  He thankfully passed out in the car, but woke up as soon as I turned the car off 40 minutes later.

At home I got him to relax and eat and we ended up taking a nap together in bed, and that time he slept for an hour.
That night he nursed himself to sleep and didn’t even take the pacifier until he woke up 3 hours later and we couldn’t get him to go back to sleep without it.
So, today, J and I packed Henry up and I toted him to work like normal, tired, but ready to tackle another pacifier-less day.  As soon as I got settled in my office, my boss (also my father-in-law) comes in and tells me that Henry can’t be crying like he did yesterday anymore.  It’s too disruptive to everyone else in the office.  This pissed me off in the worst way.  I admit that it is disruptive, but he’s a baby.  And babies cry.  Did he really think that I could bring a baby to work with me everyday and that Henry would never have a meltdown or need to be sleep trained or need to learn to live without a pacifier?  Come on now!  He helped raise 3 kids, he should know!
I’m irritated as all get out today, and having a hard time concentrating on work (hence this post).  I think that this just reaffirms that I want to quit.  But in the mean time, I’m going to see if I can leverage this to working part of the day at home, and part of the day at the office.

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