Progress Report

I know it’s just been a few days, but overall the sleep training is going well.  I think this is going to be a slow process and the biggest thing for me is to remember is to stay patient.

 Yesterday it took Henry about 30 minutes to fall asleep for every nap.  I’d put him down wide awake, wrapped tightly in his blanket with his pacifier and he’d fuss basically as soon as I put him down.  If he started to really cry (not that fake cry that he does to get attention) then I go and pick him up and calm him back down and then repeat the process.  It would usually takes about 4-5 repeats for him to get it.
Today, for his morning nap I decided not to swaddle him (it’s probably time that we stop doing that anyway).  I put him in his crib, gave him his pacifier, his lovey and put his blanket over him and he fussed for a bit.  I only had to pick him up twice to soothe him, and within 20 minutes he was asleep on his own!!
So, even within 3 days, things are getting way better.  Night time still remains more difficult than nap time, but last night, J only got up 3 times to replace his pacifier instead of the usual 6-1000.
I think the slow and steady approach is definitely the way to go for Henry, and also for J and me.  Anything that we can do to get our point across and not have to listen to him scream and cry is definitely worth it in my opinion (not only is it agonizing, but it causes us to feel so much guilt!), and I really don’t mind that it’s probably going to take 2 weeks or longer to get this to be a well oiled machine.
It’s getting better, and as long as it keeps getting better, I can be patient.

5 thoughts on “Progress Report

  1. Well? This might help.

    Our son is four months old and his “sleeping” has been pretty lack lustre since birth but recently we’ve gotten him whipped into shape.

    My son is a big kid at 16 pounds, and his digestive system has been pretty solid, so just in the last week we started feeding him “rice cereal” (a baby spoonful or two) at night before we start our night time routine and it has really helped him stay down longer and get deeper sleep.

    A footy sleeper is a must,

    we have a nightly routine including a bottle of formula, bath, rice cereal in whatever order you like.

    I keep Jonah awake as MUCH as possible after 5 or 6 pm. I start to get him ready for sleep by doing our routine around 9 or 10 depending on when HE decides hes tired. I let him use his internal clock because its less headaches for me if I dont force him.

    I keep it dark and quiet at night for him to sleep but when he naps during the day I am as loud as I want so he doesn’t become a wakeful sleeper.

    Finally, my husband says giving your baby just a bit of formula at night (warmed) if hes only breastfed will help get him down to sleep. Also, he says be consistant on always putting the baby to sleep at night in the same place, like the crib, don’t confuse the baby by moving them around. Get them to understand “crib” means sleep, at night, for a extended period of time.

    Hope it helps. Let me know.

    • Thanks for your suggestions!

      Yeah, we have a nighttime routine that we stick to as well.

      At about 6:15 we start getting him ready for bed. Sometimes it includes a bath first, but not always. We get him changed into pjs and then he nurses until he’s full. If he’s particularly awake after that, I’ll read him a book, but if he’s really sleepy I’ll skip that. Then he’s rocked until he’s pretty drowsy and into the crib he goes with his blanket, pacifier and lovey. The goal is for him to be down and asleep at 7:30, and each night we’re making it closer and closer to our goal.

      The time that it’s taken to get him to actually fall asleep on his own is getting less and less. Last night it only took about 10-15 minutes of him fussing/crying before he fell asleep on his own. He woke up at 2:00 to nurse and then slept until 6:00 when it was time to get up (time we get up on week days).

      As for the cereal or formula, I’m really not interested in doing those. Adding formula to his routine would decrease my supply, which I feel in the long run would be detrimental. The rice cereal might help him to sleep a little longer, but it really has no nutritional value, and I don’t see the point of adding empty calories to his diet to get an extra hour.

      I have noticed that he does love to be outside, and rarely fusses or cries when he’s out. I’ll have to see how we can play outside more!

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