Month 5

Dear Henry –

I’m so sorry that your 5 month letter is late.  Your turned 5 months old over the Thanksgiving holiday and things got away from me with family being in town.
This past month your personality has really started to shine through.  You are such a happy baby!  You’re becoming more independent, content to play on your own for longer and longer stretches, but you do look up every now and then to make sure that someone is close by to catch all the smiles that you’re sending out.  You’re laughing more and more often, usually when someone is making crazy faces or sounds at you.  It is still the sweetest sound that I’ve ever heard.  Your laugh equates to pure joy.  You’ve also started to say “mamamamama” which makes me extatic and I’m hopeful that your first word is going to be “mama,” because you still haven’t said “dada” yet.
This past long weekend made me realize that I could easily spend every day holding and playing with you.  And that’s exactly what we did through the holiday.  You were held basically for four whole days.  I know that your dad and I absolutely love those cuddle days.  We played with you, held you while you napped and you chilled with us while we watched movies (although it did take us about 4 hours to watch Spider Man).
On Friday, you helped put up your first Chrismukkah tree.  I love watching you as you take in the decorated tree.  You stare at it intently, just absorbing it and I think trying to understand it.  It’s going to be fun celebrating Hanukkah and Christmas with you with this year (and every year).  I’m really looking forward to showing you how to open presents!

We’re helping you put up your first Chismukkah ornament!

This past month also marked your first major cold.  You had a fever for only one day (thankfully), but you were coughing and so congested for over a week and that it broke your dad’s and my heart.  It felt like you were sick for forever, but you seem to have finally kicked it.  You still have a little snot come out every now and then, but overall, you’re MUCH better.
At 5 months old you LOVE:
  • Playing – in your jumperoo, exersaucer, with toys or with someone.
  • Eating our faces.  You’ve started leaning your open mouth again our cheecks, forehead, noses or chins and will either sit like that for a minute (we think it’s your version of a kiss) or you’ll start to gnaw on us.  When you gnaw, we call you a zombie baby (the nickname is starting to stick).
  • Playing airplane
  • Talking.  You are always quite content to either listen to someone talk to you or to have a “conversation” with them, and sometime you just love to see how loud you can be.  You’ve got a good set of lungs on you kid.
  • Tummy time.  This one has finally made the love list!  you will sit and play and reach for toys in front of you for about 5 to 15 minutes before you decide to roll yourself over to do something else.  You’re also learning to roll from your back to your tummy.  You haven’t done it yet, but it’s gonna be soon!  You’ll get all the way on your side and then you’ll fall back to your back.
At 5 months old you HATE:
  • When I take a toy away from you.  For instance, yesterday it was nap time, so I took my phone away from you and you just melted right then and there (it didn’t help that you were tired and in need of a nap at the time).
  • Eating.  Ok, you might not hate this one, but it seems to annoy you lately.  In your mind there’s just too much to do to be stuck at mom’s boob for 20 minutes.  Lately, I’m lucky if I can get you to concentrate for 5 minutes to eat.  And because you eat so badly during the day, you’ve started waking up in the middle of the night to eat and you haven’t done that since before you were 6 weeks old (thanks for that).
….I think that’s it for the hates.  You’re usually a really happy, smiley and content little man.
I love you so much.  You’re becoming a little boy more and more each day.  It makes me sad to think that one day you won’t be my baby anymore (although you know that a part of you will always be my baby).  You’re so special and I’m so thankful for you.  You light up my life, and your dad’s life.
We love you with all of our heart,

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