Stick to Your ROUTINE!

We have a lot of relatives in town for the Thanksgiving holiday, and last night we went over to my in-laws to see everyone.  Originally we weren’t going to go because everyone wasn’t meeting until 6:30, and that’s when we usually start to put Henry down.  But, we ended up being guilted into coming over.  So, with baby in tow we went to my in-laws and everyone (about 15 people) oohed and ahhed over Henry, and who wouldn’t?  This kiddo is seriously cute.

But, 6:45 came and I started saying how I needed to start putting Henry down for bed.  Everyone, including J, kept telling me that he’s so awake, and alert, we’ll just push his bedtime back tonight.  And with so many people telling me to chill out, I backed down.  7:00 came and I started saying that Henry really needed to go to bed now, and again I was brushed off.  At 7:15 I’d had enough of not being listened to, and took Henry and told everyone that he was going to bed (my mother-in-law seemed kinda ticked off at this).

So, J and I took Henry upstairs to nurse him and get him ready for bed.  And do you know what happened?  He was too wired to eat!  I couldn’t get him to pay attention to me long enough for him to latch on.  All totaled I only got him to eat for about 10 minutes and he usually eats for 45 at night before he goes to bed.  I finally gave up, and stuck his pacifier in his mouth and J swaddled him up and we walked and rocked him for over an hour and he still would not fall asleep.

At our wits end, we decided to pack everything up and head home.  So, we took Henry downstairs to load him up in his car seat and as soon as we hit the main floor everyone was huddled around him, waking him up even more and wanting to hold him before we loaded him up.  I was getting seriously pissed off at that point.  My mother-in-law was making comments that because he was awake we should just keep him up and stay longer.  I ended up snapping at her “and are you going to be the one to put him back to sleep when he wakes up every 2 hours tonight?”

We packed up and Henry slept the whole car ride home.  But woke up crying when we took him out of his car seat to change him and put him in PJs (we forgot to bring a pair with us).  And I nursed/rocked Henry for half an hour before he went to sleep.

He did sleep OK throughout the night.  He woke up a lot as the night went on (about 6 times), but J being the trooper that he is got up and put him back to sleep every time (he also had today off of work and I didn’t).  But aside from sleeping OK throughout the night, Henry has been seriously cranky, crabby and has just wanted to scream his little head off at work today.

This is why I say to keep to your routine.  So that you don’t end up wanting to pull your hair out (what’s left of it….postpartum hair loss is a bitch), bang your head against your desk, or cry right along with your baby.  Or, all of the above….


One thought on “Stick to Your ROUTINE!

  1. Amen sister. Addison and I skipped out on dinner with Eric’s family because they planned it for 7:30!!! Hello!?!? Plus she was sick so I just used that as an excuse. As much as everyone wants to see them, you’re right, THEY don’t have to deal with the consequences of getting off schedule. Stick to your guns next time, but let J do the battling with his family. You’re not alone though!

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