… Spontaneity?

How do you have time to be spontaneous when you have a baby?  J and I used to like to go out to dinner or go to the local wine bar and just hang out.  We’d get home from work and be in the mood for a drink (or two or three) and we’d just head out the door without a second thought.  Now that’s no longer an option.  Henry has to start getting ready for bed no later than 6:30 or it throws his whole schedule off.  And when you don’t get home until 5:45, it doesn’t really leave much wiggle room for anything.

Because of being tied to this routine it feels like J and I have been stuck in a rut lately.  We have the same schedule that we follow everyday, and admittedly I get really tired of it.  J seems to handle it better than I do, but since he’s a wee bit OCD, he does better with set schedules.  We have been going out on the weekends lately and J’s parents are loving the sleep overs that they get with Henry, but it’s a lot of work to drive him to their house and drive back out there in the morning to get him.  It’s about a 45 minute drive one way, so to go and get him in the morning sucks up over an hour and a half of time, plus an enormous amount of gas each week.

I guess I just haven’t figured out how to have a life during the week AND be a good parent at the same time.

Has anyone figured out how to do both?

J rocking Henry to sleep for the night


2 thoughts on “… Spontaneity?

  1. Hmm. I don’t have a kid yet so I have no idea. And not having available week day babysitters makes spontaneity nearly impossible. I think everything will require planning..
    Do you all have any friends nearby that would like to come over and cook dinner with you guys or have a game night at your house, or a wine night? Maybe you could do that, even with Henry and put Henry to bed in the process, etc.

    • Yeah, I’m starting to think that it’s probably impossible to just do a lot of things without at least some planning before hand. But the game night idea is a good one! Thanks!

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