Oy Vey

I was at the office yesterday, leaving for the day.  I had Henry in his car seat, Ali the dog, the diaper bag, the boppy and my lunch box.  You can imagine that I looked like a pack mule.

I was headed out of the building with all of that when Ali decided that she wasn’t going to go past the front door.  With everything that I had in hand, I left Ali at the door and went to put Henry and everything else in the car.  Did I mention that it was also starting to rain?  Well, it was.  As soon as Henry is hooked up into the car seat base, of course he starts screaming.  I hurriedly try to stuff his pacifier in his mouth, but of course he’s too upset to hold onto it and so he starts to cry harder.

I then remember that the dog is sitting by the front door the building.  So, I run to go and get her and take her by the collar, and she won’t budge.  I’m dragging and pulling her to the car – trying to get everyone in the car so I can console a crying baby before we make a 40 minute drive home.

I get to the car and let go of the dog (stupid I know) to open the door.  And of course as soon as my hand is off of her collar she runs back to the fucking building!  So, with Henry still screaming, I run back after her, and this time I can’t get drag her to the car, so I have to pick up a 50 lb dog and carry her across the parking lot and stuff her in the car!

By this time Henry is beyond being consoled.  I should probably note that he hates his car seat.  Not so much the being in it, but for some reason EVERY time that it’s hooked up to the base, he starts to cry.  I try to reassure him that he’s ok, and that he’s not alone and that he’s merely overreacting.  It doesn’t work.  I eventually get him to calm down enough to take his pacifier.  But as soon as I close the back door and get into the driver seat, he’s crying again.

At this point, I just drive – because we need to get home so he can see J and then get ready for bed.  Thankfully he goes to sleep after we drive a couple of miles.

Oy vey…..Mother and dog owner of the year….


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