Little moments

Dear Henry,

You’ve been so happy today. I love looking over at you and seeing your face light up with a smile. Happiness just radiates from you when you smile. Your eyes shine, your cheeks glow and you can just tell that you are just genuinely happy. You were sitting in your swing just a little bit ago and smiling and cooing at me for the longest time. And I’d smile and talk back to you, and we’d go back and forth having a “conversation.”
Eventually you got tired of being in your swing and you started to fuss a bit. So I went over and picked you up and you put your little arms around my neck, rested your head on my shoulder and went to sleep. It was such a sweet moment that pulled at my heart strings. You’re so special to me and I love you so so much. I live for little moments like that. Moments where I know that you love me and want me near you. You light up my life so much.

– Mom



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